Wii Games 5-7 Year Olds

Updated on December 08, 2011
E. asks from Mesa, AZ
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My daughter is almost 5 and my son will be 7 years old. We are getting a Wii for Christmas that comes with Mario Kart. I just have no idea what other games to get. My son enjoys DS games like Mario, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribean...My daughter is getting more into the same, she is not very girly and mostly they will play together. Some out of town family members are looking for gift ideas and I thought Wii games would be great. What are the games that your kids (and you) enjoy the most and can be played together and with a parent/family? Any things not worth the money? Thank you so much and have a great Holiday Season!

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answers from Phoenix on

The Wii Sports Resort is fun. It has archery, canoeing, ping pong, and a bunch of others. That's fun. And we like the Wii skii.

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Donkey Kong is really fun and SuperMario too. My kids and sometimes us adults can play so many different levels and change it up with both of those games-we have enjoyed them thoroughly. Just Dance might be fun for your daughter and the whole family really. I'm thinking of getting that one this year. The Lego Ones are always good-Star Wars Legos; I think my son has Indiana Jones Lego. Lego has several versions out there.

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answers from Minneapolis on

My son (7 year old) likes Mario Kart, Lego Harry Potter, Lego Star Wars, Wii Fit. Most of his games are on the DS though and he doesn't play the Wii as much.


answers from Lansing on

If your kids like to dance....even just a little. Just Dance is a fun game and a work out, lol. I had my whole family doing it one night, my girls, brother, sister, dad, mom, niece and nephew. It was fun! My mom liked it so much she bought it for the Wii at there house.

We also enjoy playing super mario brothers and mario party is a favorite. Other than those that is the only family games we have right now.



answers from Phoenix on

Those same games come for the Wii and are very fun. My son loves the lego series games, anything with Mario in it, and the Sonic games.



answers from Albuquerque on

I second Kenda. My son (6) and I will play Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Lego Harry Potter, and my favorite: Super Mario Galaxy 2 together. We have Mario Kart, and it was okay but not our favorite. This year we are trying Kinect for our xbox (and getting Just Dance) after trying it in the store and loving it. Think it will get us all moving and "exercising" in the winter plus lots of laughs as a family. :) Enjoy!


answers from Boston on

Family game night is good too.
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answers from New York on

I don't want to sound Korny, but how about some educational games. I ordered a bunch for this age group for niece and nephew. Go to Amazon. You'll find good deal also.



answers from Anchorage on

My boys (jsut turned 6 and 8) love Mario cart, and the new Cars 2 racing game. They also enjoy wii play


answers from Jacksonville on

Anything with "Lego" in the title. :)
Lego Star Wars
Lego Batman
Lego Indiana Jones


answers from Dallas on

Toy Story has a great Wii game that has proven to be entertaining and fun for all ages in my home. :)

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