Wii Game for Toddler Reccomendation

Updated on January 14, 2011
K.M. asks from Streamwood, IL
6 answers

Ok, so I see SOOO many posts out there on Wii games for kids what is your choice ... well here we go again???

We found for xmas "Cookie Monster's Counting Carnival" put out by Sesame Street and this is AWESOME!!! My 4yr old with ADHD and SPD has to get up and jump (put him on his trampoline), think and use very few buttons to operate this game. Now he is a video game wiz so the buttons are not really an issue but for many it may be so they also include a cover of Cookie Monster to "hide" unused buttons for the game!

What product/games have you recently found that you just want to SHOUT to the world of all their glory??

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answers from Peoria on

My four year old loves Jump Start Pet Rescue and Nick Fit. For the Pet Rescue they go around and solve simple problems to advance in the game. They can also watch movies and play games both of which are educational and great games. We also have the Nick Fit which can be played with or without the Wii fit board. The first time I put the game in he played for an hour running, jumping and moving around. When he has too much energy and needs to use it up I put in the Nick Fit and let him go for it.



answers from Chicago on

My son just turned 5 and has SPD and he's really been enjoying Nickelodeon Kid FIT. You do not need the balance board to do all the games but it will be easier if you have one. There are quite a number of games that are just a blast and are based on the characters found on that nextwork but not in an obnoxious way. Have fun!



answers from Saginaw on

It's not educational, but our 3 year old daughter loves loves loves "Just Dance 2". I don't mind her playing it because it gets her up and moving she doesn't have any problem following the people on the screen. When summer rolls around, I'm sure she won't be playing nearly as much, but it's great for winter exercise!

P.S. I love it too!



answers from Fort Wayne on

We are an XBox Kinect family. My 3, almost 4, year old loves all the games, even the ones that are too hard for her. My 17 month old even asks to "play box." Heehee...Now, she's WAY too little to do any of the games, but she likes to pretend.



answers from Huntsville on

We started our daughter with the Wiiware "Learning with the PooYoos". There are 2 "episodes" and it gets them started with using the remote. And there's no reading involved. It's REALLY simple, and teaches a little bit.

But, you said your son is a video game wiz, so I'd say those games are below his level now :)

But, Santa brought her a Scooby Doo game for Christmas (Scooby Doo! First Frights). We haven't played it much yet, and it's a bit above what she's used to doing. But, you can have 2 players at any time - jump in, jump out. So if they need help, someone else can join & help.

Other than those, I haven't really found a whole lot that is good for kids new to video games yet not reading. Hopefully she will catch on & be able to play things with us like Mario Party :)



answers from Detroit on

My kids just like playing the games that come with the Wii Fit Plus. They are not necessarily educational. But, they get them up and moving and help with coordiation, balance, and fine motor skills. We have alot of fun as a family doing them and then there are some separate things on Wii Fit that I love for myself as well.

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