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Updated on December 18, 2009
T.B. asks from Springfield, VA
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Hello ladies,

We purchased the Wii Sport for our children this year. The unit came with one controller. Do we need to get another one? DO we need the tennis rackey, golf club, etc? DO we need the seperate charger?

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So What Happened?

Wow ladies!! THanks for all the info. I will be out tomorrow buying another remote and nunchuk!! I will definately check into the game rental too!! THanks again and have a Merry Christmas!!

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answers from Miami on

You may want another controller. The tennis racket and golf club attachments are fun, but aren't too vital...... (sometimes they fall off if not attached perfectly and can cause damage to the TV) LOL! :)

If you get the Wii Fit, you may want the silicon sleeve for the balance board. (This way the balance board will stay nice and nobody will slip from socks or sweaty feet).

Good luck!
M. ;)



answers from Daytona Beach on

i would definitely get at least 1 more controller and nunchuck. we just got this for christmas also but kept it out. you don't NEED the racket,baseball bat, golf club, etc. not necessary, seems like it would be fun, but it would be a hassle if you are going from one of the games to another as it might not just "click" in. and it would take time. if you have or are planning on gettting any of the shooting games like the chicken shoot or anything like that then i would suggest getting the zapper i think it's called. i comes with a link game and target practice. that's fun.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Yes Yes and Yes!
They have a charger out now that you can just sit the controllers on the pad and it charges them. That's what we're getting!


answers from Jacksonville on

We bought one too. I was told by the teenage help at the store that you DO need 2 controllers (and most likely nunchucks as well). The box packaging on the games, if you turn it over, specifies what you need to play that particular game. However, I was told that you do NOT need the rackets, steering wheel, etc... they are just "cases" that you can stick the controllers inside to make it seem more realistic. Sometimes it might even impede the response of the controller. Not sure on the charger issue. I am hoping Nana & Papa spring for that... :)




answers from Orlando on

If you have four kids, you will probably want four controllers. At least have two. You don't "need" the tennis racket and stuff, it just makes it seem more realistic and fun. The charger is great if they play a lot because you will go through a lot of batteries otherwise. Remember to get the extra nunchuck as well when you buy the extra controller. A lot of games require both to play.



answers from Naples on

I think you might need another controller. I have two girls and we have a Wii and one controller. They have been very good about taking turns, but they cannot play a game together.



answers from Tampa on

Hi T.,
I too purchased the wii for my daughters for christmas this year. We have played it with their cousins and I believe that the accessories enhance the play of the game and yes, you will need more controllers. You might consider getting a rechargable battery pack with the charger as well so that you can save yourself in the long run on the batteries. Hope this helps. (Oh yeah, I am getting the Wii Fit Plus for me so Mommy can have fun with the kiddo's too. Another fun game is Mario Kart and Mario Party 8. This allows the whole family to get involved in the game)



answers from Boca Raton on

Hi - I too recently purchased the Wii, yes get remotes for 4 (I know they are expensive) also you can get the extra sports attachments @ Big Lots or Deals Dollar Store (Gateway & Congress) for $5/pc. (raquet, bat, wheel, etc). I have not bought the charger - but will because we are going thru batteries!!!

You & your family will have so much fun - Enjoy




answers from Miami on

I have 4 boys and they love the Wii - you defintely need another controller - you don't have to get the separate charger the batteries last quite a while and you don't need the tennis racket etc. For some games you need a nunchuk too and you can't play without it - but for now you will do great with just the extra Wii remote =)

Have fun!!!



answers from Gainesville on

I agree that you need at least one controler per child in the family. Possibly one per adult too.

No the other accesaries with the exception to the nubchuck are not nessarcary. I would save that money for games :)

About games.....I got my son a subscription to GAMEFLY.COM for the holidays. It works like Netflix and if you know them then you will understand how great this is!!!

I would rent a game before I buy any ....just to make sure you and your family like it first. Games can cost ALOT!!

I have rechargable batteries and simply rotate them out as needed. That way I have batteries for all things and one small recharger. Practical and easy!!

Happy Holidays!


answers from Jacksonville on

Need--a min. of 2 controllers and numchucks

A nice thing--all the cases for the games...but no..not something that you really NEED

The charger? Not a need, but a nice want...we didn't feel this was something necessary. We play the Wii all the time, and the batteries last for quite some time...we only use Duracell and Energizer, tho.

Have a blast with it! :) I know my family does! :)



answers from Tampa on

Well you need as many controllers as you want people to be able to play at the same time as some games have up to 4 or more players. We have 4 controllers one for everyone in the family.
You do not have to have the charger pack, but you may want it if you don't want regular batteries. It does work both ways.
Not sure of the age bu the tennis racket, golf club etc. work for your subcontious mind, but is not needed just depends we hardly ever use ours.
Hope this helped you!
Merry Christmas!



answers from Lakeland on

Hi T.,
I have the Wii with 4 controllers and 3 kids. Yes,you need more controllers, I would do 4. You don't need all the stuff that goes with the controller, but they are fun. Just be aware that boys will do everything they can with it except what it is to be used for:-) I would also get the 4 controller charger, it is much easier! We use ours all the time. Also, rechargeable batteries are a great investment if you don't have them already.

Have fun!!!!



answers from Orlando on

Yes on another controller unless you only have one child, and even then it's best to have an extra one. We have 4 so the whole family can play games together (like Mario Kart-- best game ever!!)

We don't have any of the extra things the controller fits into other than the wheel from Mario Kart, which we never use-- so I say skip the racket, etc

Do some research before deciding on a charger. You may want to go with rechargable batteries and a battery charger instead for 2 reasons--- one, you can use it for other electronic items around the house so more bang for your buck.... two, I read somewhere that the Wii remote charger was a fire hazard-- but I think it was one made "for" Wii and not put out by the Nintendo company itself



answers from Pensacola on

YES! A thousand times, yes! Get another controller, at least one more, and YES get the charger!!!! It will save you money in the long run from buying batteries. Trust me on this. As for the clubs, I wouldn't worry too much. We don't use those much. I have a 9 year old daughter, a 2 month old son as well as a 10 year old girl, 5 year old godson and 7 year old girl that all think that they live with me. Our wii is used often and if we didn't have more than one controller, I would yank my hair out and lock myself in my bedroom with the infant.


answers from Daytona Beach on

You should purchase the extra controller and I recommend getting the charger for the controllers, it's like $20 at Target. You don't need the tennis racket, etc. attachments though! Soooooooooo much fun!!!


answers from Fort Walton Beach on

We love our Wii! I have a five year old boy and a almost-four year old girl. We do have the Wii Sport which is great for this age range and for adults (that may/may not be into gaming) too. You do not need the tennis-golf club kit... you can definietly do the games without those attachments. It is a good idea to get another remote and the nunchucks - I would highly suggest that, especially with four kids and two adults. The nunchucks will be used in the boxing and if you purchase other games, you will probably need that too.

I do want to suggest some games since I wish I had known better...

-Wii Fit is also good for the age range that we have at home. Get it in the combo pack to include the board.
-Wii Resort (get that in the combo pack too).
-Cooking Mama

These will get them off their behinds and they will actually "play".

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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