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Updated on October 10, 2008
K.A. asks from Dallas, TX
4 answers

I have been looking for some new athletic shoes for my 23 Month old son. The problem is he's a wide (8W). I went to the big Stride Rite store off Preston and NW HWY today and they didn't have anything. Anyone have any other suggestions? I know I can drive out to the Stride Rite outlet in Allen, but I was really hoping to find some Nike's or New Balance. I'm sort of sick of the Stride Rite selection and they aren't cheap, and I like a more hip looking sneak. TIA!!

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Have you tried Zappos.com? Shipping is free both ways.

This should give you the results of size 8W:




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My son has wide feet too. ToyRus usually has good shoes for wide feet. I happened to go in one day, and they had a sale so I picked him up a pair. Then every time I needed a new pair I would go in, and they always had a sale. So, a couple of weeks ago, he's needing a new pair, I go and the store is closing down, go figure. However, I'm sure when I find a new ToyRus, they will have a good selection on sale...



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Unfortunately, Nike shoes run very narrow. Reebok has a wider "toe box." You might be able to find some of those at Academy or similar store. You can always order on-line for Stride-Rite. I have found that the Willowbend store does not sell out of wides as quickly for my son and his extra wide foot.



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Try Nordstrom's, they have a great selection of kids shoes in a variety of widths. Honestly, you are pretty much stuck with Stride Rite until either his foot narrows or he reaches the larger sizes where they carry more wides. My older son was a XW until he was about 3 and now at 6 wears some W and some XW, depending on the width. My younger son has always been a W. He has been able to wear some of the Osh Kosh shoes in addition to the Stride Rite, but that's about it!

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