Why Won't My Husband Let Me Go Along When He Takes Our Neighbor to the Airport

Updated on November 27, 2018
C.G. asks from Lakeside Marblehead, OH
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her boyfriend lives in NY, and she needs a ride to the airport. She evidently can't pay for parking her own vehicle. She asks my husband to drive her. I wanted to go for the ride, but he won't let me tag along. I always thought she was my friend, but my husband seems to want an exclusive relationship with her, as he is competitive when we both make the same friends. It doesn't seem to matter to him how I feel about it. Whenever I make friends with someone of the opposite sex, he has to make friends with the person that I found. Seems dictatorial to me. What would you think?

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So What Happened?

He took her to the airport. I didn't realize how close it is. But, there's more detail, and I'm really starting to think that she has no manners, or she's very insensitive. If she would have been gracious, she might have welcomed my company, but my husband is more useful to her than I am. There's more to this whole situation including her boyfriend creeping around in my yard and examining our windows, when my husband was out of town. It appeared from the inside that he was trying to peak in the window. He was over here yesterday having a talk with my husband. I'll find out what he thinks about the guy. He's a pretty good judge of character. We used to live on a ten acre property, so having close neighbors is a bit difficult when in a regular suburban neighborhood. I want to thank all of those who posted here, all the same. It's always good to have some different view points.

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answers from Washington DC on

i think you need to ditch your husband, find some new friends, and learn how to be in charge of your own life.

i'm surprised your neighbor can stand to be around either one of you.

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You get in the front passenger seat and you go along for the ride because you are not five and you get to make your own decisions.

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answers from New York on

Is this the neighbor who stole your cosmetics? Maybe your husband is trying to protect you?

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answers from Portland on

Noted the question about quitting smoking cold Turkey is same person with this question and those in past about neighbor stealing cosmetics and a relative married to a fake Christian/minister.

I sympathize with you. You and husband seem to have serious differences. I urge you to get counseling. If your husband won't go, you go to get help for yourself and your relationship with your husband.

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answers from Chicago on

Your husband sounds extremely childish and controlling. I think you two seriously need counseling.

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answers from Portland on

Before I answer this, I'd like to point out, you started posting questions the same time as 3 other new members did all from same area. They were all the same type of high drama questions (married man - friendship, my daughter in law won't let me my grandkids etc.).

I think it's not coincidental and it's more important what you think.

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answers from Norfolk on

You and Hubby have some issues.
Why don't you see a counselor and work them out?
It seems to me that mature adults should be able to have their own friends and not get bent out of shape over it.
You and Hubby don't seem to be secure enough in your relationship that you (and he) can handle that.
So please - go work it out with a licensed professional.

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