Why Is My Child Having Diarrhea with a Cold?

Updated on September 06, 2010
E.M. asks from Spring Lake, NC
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My almost-3 year old son has has a cold for a week. Yesturday he woke up with a fever and diarrhea. We took him to the ER-because everything else was closed, it being Sat.-Blood tests showed an upper respiratory infection but showed no stomach viruses or the like. He still is having diarrhea today and is hardly eating. He does drink. ANy ideas? Also, the diarrhea is mostly just small amounts of mucus and food particles. Does this sound right?

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So What Happened?

Well, this is day 3 and while my son seems to be more active, his stool/ diarrhea has become pure green liquid every 4 hours or so. He is mostly drinking water and juice and had had some crackers and cereal during breakfast and dinner. STill can't decide is this is cold or tummy bug related.

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answers from Redding on

Why wouldn't he have diarrhea? A cold produces mucous and snot and it's likely he's not that adept at blowing or spitting all that stuff out so some of it's bound to wind up in his tummy.
It's his bodies way of getting rid of things and as long as he's drinking good fluids, you don't need to worry about him not feeling like eating right now.
He'll be okay.

It's no fun and I hope the little guy feels better soon!

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answers from Dallas on

when they get colds, they typically swallow all the snot and "gunk", that's what typically causes the diarrhea. just keep him well hydrated and rested, hope he's feeling better soon. if the diarrhea just really gets out of hand, take him back for IV fluids. good luck!

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answers from San Antonio on

They swallow a lot of snot and it just comes out in their stool.

Probiotics might help a bit.

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answers from Johnstown on

This is the body's way of removing toxins/bacteria/viruses. Just keep him hydrated and it should subside in a day or 2.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I would get him some probiotics. My doctor told me to get it for my 2 year old if she had diarrhea. You can get it at any pharmacy without a prescription but you have to ask for it. It's called florastor for kids. You just mix it in juice.



answers from Youngstown on

My kids often get diarrhea with a cold. I think it is because they swallow snot or mucus drains down the back of their throat. Just keep him hydrated and it should pass when the cold does.


answers from Norfolk on

When mucus flows into the stomach, it stimulates acid production and can make the stomach sour. This irritation can continue down into the intestines, and when they get irritated, diarrhea happens. Did you ever wonder why warm soup broth or a cup of herbal tea can feel so comforting when you have a cold? (I like to drink warm jello when I'm sick, too). Besides keeping you hydrated and feeling good on a sore throat (and the steam can ease your sinuses a bit), it's easy to digest and it's absorbed mostly in your stomach so your intestines don't have to work so hard. As long as he's drinking plenty of fluids, going a few days without eating solid food won't hurt.



answers from Louisville on

some medications can cause this esp antibiotics but since you said hes just had a cold he wouldnt be on them. call your doctor on tuesday and tell them. their might be more going on
I just read your so what happened part. STOP GIVING JUICE AND WATER!!!! its a natural stool softener. give him pedalite or gatoraid only



answers from Washington DC on

Strep shows up in kids as GI symptoms. Did they test for that?

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