Why Does My Neck Hurt So Badly???

Updated on August 07, 2008
C.L. asks from Lewisville, TX
6 answers

Hey Moms,

The past few days my neck and shoulders really hurt. Almost like I have whiplash or something. I can bend my neck, but it is sore. Can allergies cause you to have a stiff, sore neck? I have really vivid, scary dreams a lot and I wonder if I could be tensing up in my sleep. I am so stiff and sore when I first wake up especially. Any ideas? Should I put ice on it?

Another question... Does anyone get "hot flashes" when you ovulate? Nasea?

Thanks a ton... you girls always have the answers!

Worry Wart by nature,

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answers from Dallas on

Hi C.,
Well I want you to know I am a long time sufferer of allergies and sinus problems. I have had three sinus surgeries. I have noticed that over the years that when my nose/sinuses are messed up so is my neck. I'm never quite sure which started first though. I would highly recommend going to a chiropractor. After the pain meds didn't work anymore and I found myself nausous with neck pain I decided to see a chiropractor. The relief didn't come too quick but in time I was so happy with the results. Though I went for my neck I noticed that my sinus problems started to clear up. I was amazed. I know it sounds gross but in the beginning after an adjustment my sinuses would clear out with alot of drainage that I didn't even know I had. I used to wake up so stiff and tired, like I had been in the fetal position all night! Now I feel great, honest. I also would highly suggest that you buy a product from a health food store called Natural Calm before you go to bed. It's magnesium/calcium powder supplement. It's very important that you have a good balance of both minerals. One is responsible for your muscles contracting and the other for relaxing. This is something that I found on my own. Most places have samples that you can try before you buy it. You'll find that it helps you to relax and sleep better. It doesn't make you feel drugged or anything just relaxed. Just be careful to start off with a low dose and build yourself up to a normal amount or you'll be sitting on the potty alot the next day! ")
And yes you should use ice on your neck. Heat can cause more inflammation though it may make it feel better. Stretching is another thing you should be doing before bed and upon waking. Take a look on the web for some good neck stretches.
I also use a cervical pillow to support my neck at night when I sleep. It takes some getting use to of but it helps. Make sure it's kind of firm and not the soft mushy kind. I use a firm traction pillow to help stretch the muscles out and take some pressure of my nerves if I feel like it's getting tight. You can use a tightly rolled up towel or a small water bottle behind your neck without a pillow for a few minutes too.
Not sure about the vivid dreams and hot flashes when you ovulate. But anythings possible with those hormones! By chance could all these problems be stemming from perimenopause? Don't know your age but I thought I'd ask.
Best Regards,



answers from Amarillo on

As for the hot flashes and nausea during ovulation, it is possible. I recall having pain in my side at the time the egg was released.

As for the sore/stiff neck, it could be a cold in it from sitting in a draft. Wrap it up with a scarf (the long skinny kind) and keep it warm. I had this happen last year at work and that's what I did for about three days and then it went away. Good luck to you. The other S.



answers from Dallas on

go to the chiropractor and get popped.....it sounds gross or wierd but believe me, you'll get so much relief. when I was younger, I was experiencing so much stress in my life that I couldn't even turn my head and then I went to a chiropractor and I couldn't believe how much better I felt.



answers from McAllen on

Hi C., I'm not sure about allergies, but a cold or flu can cause a stiff neck. I used to have panic attacks quite a bit at night and I'd wake up with a stiff neck and shoulders and I know it's from tensing up, I still get it once in a while even when I don't have a panic attack. I'm also a huge worry wart. I would try one of those Heat patch things, you take the backing off of them and they warm up. YOu could also try a heating pad. Hope this helps,




answers from Wichita Falls on

Ovulation is like a mini menopause for me - have you been checked for PCOS?

You might see a chiropractor and a massage therapist about your neck - sometimes dreams cause the pain, sometimes pain cause the dreams - it's a vicious cycle.



answers from Dallas on

I had the same thing happen a couple years ago. I woke up and couldn't turn my head. I went to work, but cried in pain the whole drive there, and I went home early. I have a very high tolerance for pain, but I couldn't tolerate how bad my neck hurt. I used warm towels and compresses, and tylenol for the pain. It went away after a couple of days. I don't know how it happened, b/c I went to bed and it was fine, then woke up in horrible pain. Maybe you just slept wrong? Maybe you piched a nerve somehow in your sleep. If it doesn't get better soon I would call your doctor.

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