Why Does My Daughter Hide and Poop?

Updated on September 30, 2010
L.J. asks from West Palm Beach, FL
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My daughter just turned two and she is not even close to being potty trained. I don't push the issue at all, but when I go potty she likes to sit on her potty too. She never actually goes potty, but she seems to like being there. Sometimes she says poop or pee pee on potty but what she actually does is poop or pee pee in her diaper, then take it off and sit on the potty. She doesn't seem to understand that the poo and pee pee goes INTO the potty. Also very recently, she has started to hide behind furniture to poop. I thought this was a boy thing and I have no idea why she does this. Its like she feel ashamed or something. Any ideas? I am mostly wondering why kids hide and poop?!?

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answers from Boca Raton on

Its totally normal and it means she is starting to be aware of her body functions. this is the first step before being able to control their body function which is needed for potty training. This is a good indicator that she is not ready to be potty trained just yet. it has nothing to do with age and everything to do with their development path (which can be a few weeks, few months, or a year). talking about it iwith her is great and that will help you be aware of when she is ready to be trained. this will save both you and her a lot of frustation. good luck!

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answers from Miami on

It's just a natural human response when children reach a certain age. Two is very young for potty training so just let her take the lead and she will be trained in a day or two when she is developmentally ready, not when grandparents, neighbors, friends, and other busy bodies decide.

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answers from Detroit on

My dd did that just before she fully trained.

IMO, I believe as these little humans ;-) start becoming more aware of their bodies (and it's functions), this awareness conflicts with their disinclination to relinquish control. They know it's icky...they don't want to do it in the potty...yet they still want privacy...so behind the couch/door it is.

We are personally late trainers. Yours may surprise you and train soon =).

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answers from Honolulu on

they are just getting more self-conscious.
BOTH girls and boys do that.
I have a boy and girl and they both did that at a certain age.



answers from Miami on

She is hiding because she is aware that peeing and pooping in her diaper is something she shouldn't do. It doesn't feel natural anymore. You have not caused her to feel this way, it's just a natural progression of development and this not restricted to just boys. She needs you to encourage her to sit on the toilet and do her business like a big girl. IF you are not willing to encourage her and be persistent about it, she will continue to use her diaper for her potty business and hide. You say she is not even close to being potty trained. Have you tried? Have you begun a routine of her sitting on the toilet every single day? I have 3 children with another on the way and I can tell you that my three were all potty trained by age 2 and 2 1/2 years of age. When I say potty trained, I mean out of diapers so your daughter is old enough to be potty trained. She understands more than you are giving her credit for. My advice is to begin a routine with her. Every day, first thing in the morning put her on the toilet and then again at bath time, just before she takes her bath. If you are able to be home with her all day, you can remove her diaper during the day and allow her to go bottom less all day. This is how I potty trained my children and yes, I am a stay at home mom full time so I was able to do it this way. Set a timer if you need to remind yourself but you put her on the toilet every hour. And offer a reward for doing something on the toilet. No reward for just sitting there. She needs to produce something to earn something like a sticker or treat that will only be associated with potty training. If you are working then you understand the importance of creating a routine. Never scold her for having an accident but DO insist that she pees and poops in the toilet. You need to be patient as this can be a trying phase but it will get done.



answers from Pensacola on

Children start to recognize that toileting is a private matter. It is just one of the signs that she is getting ready to potty train. When you find her you can remind her that the bathroom is that private place. Also look for other signs like being able to undress herself and follow simple directions. My children were all successful on the potty at three years of age but my friend's children were all successful at 2. She was very good at reminding them to get in the bathroom. I think she is very normal and right on track! Might be time for some potty books. Lots of cute stories out there. Good Luck!



answers from Dallas on

It is very normal/typical for toddlers/small children to hide and poop. I think almost every young kid does that. I don't think they feel ashamed. Maybe they hide because they don't want us to smell their poopy diaper b/c it means we will change their diaper? Who knows what goes on in their adorable little minds! I just want you to know that it is very typical for your daughter to do this!



answers from Charlotte on

My niece did that and she was 4 years old! We were on vacation at a beach house, and it was a shock to all!

So don't feel bad since your daughter just turned two. I don't think there's a definable reason. Just know you aren't alone!

All my best,



answers from Tampa on

my daughter did the same thing when she was two, she used to hideto poop. this was when she was potty training. right when she was aboutto poop in her diaper she would run to the potty, take her diaper off and go. I thought it was odd but its pretty normal. she would also sit on her potty when I went to the bathroom. she's getting herself comfortable with the potty. kids learn by cwatching us. so she's probably just revving herself up to do it. it took my daughter about 8 months or more to be fully trained. so keep patient! it all happens naturally.



answers from Chicago on

One of my girls did this when she was constipated. My little one will sometimes do this and does not want you to even look at her. It is also usually if she is a little constipated. If your little girl isn't, then she may as suggested just want privacy when doing it.



answers from Boca Raton on

It's a baby thing. Something comes out of the body and they are fascinated or afraid, depending on the sensation.
None of us knows English or whatever language is being taught; but we do have a sense of love and anger. Hence, please consider being playful with the potty training. It's training, not innate.
My 3 boys were all different, so I just tried to "stay ahead of the game".
Rewards or a goal, yes, having her sit on her potty while you go on yours is learning by example...In the end it all works out.
God bless you when she turns 15 and wants to drive your car...



answers from Tampa on

Nothing to worry about - it is just a privacy thing. My son did this and, now grown up, will not even talk to you (even through a closed door) while he is busy.
I had a friend, whose daughter would go to the corner of the garden and hide behind a particular tree!!



answers from Boston on

she just wants privacy. My 3.5 yr old would not poop on his potty and still won't if you are in the bathroom he will ask you to leave so he can go.



answers from Sarasota on

My son and daughter both did this as soon as they were mobile. I think it's just for privacy, to concentrate. I've seen other kids do it, too. I wouldn't worry about that. Also, she is a little young to potty train. My daughter got really excited about potty training for a week when she was just two, then lost interest. We let it go, and she did it for real at 2.5 years. Be positive about it--they truly will do it when they're ready!