Why Does My 5 Month Old Have Red Cheeks?

Updated on April 20, 2009
R.R. asks from Santa Cruz, CA
4 answers

My daughter doesn't have any other symptoms, such as a fever but her cheeks are very red. I know that this can be caused by teething and she's the right age so I'm really hoping that's what it is. However, my daughter had an infection a few weeks ago and she had one really red cheek during that time, does anyone know if her red cheeks could be associated with an infection? I'm just hoping that the infection hasn't come back :(

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answers from San Francisco on


My baby had rosey cheeks...we put on some Cortaid OINTMENT..the creme is too harsh..

Red is gone!

Hope this helps,
D. :)



answers from Sacramento on

She may be teething...this is what happened whenever my son was getting new teeth. It usually lasted a week or so and then would go away until the next tooth came in.



answers from San Francisco on

It could be that they are just chapped/dry. With the wind this week and the changing temps my little ones cheeks have also been very red. If there are no other symptoms- just try lotion or Vaseline to see if that helps-



answers from Chico on

It could be eczema or chapped skin (as another mom suggested) or it is possible that it is impetigo, which is a bacterial infection. If it were impetigo, I think you'd probably see blisters and a little ooze.

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