Why Do You like Mamapedia So Much?

Updated on June 03, 2011
M.W. asks from Fremont, CA
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I am somewhat new to Mamapedia. A friend of mine told me about it awhile ago. I started off with just glancing at questions...then I asked a question...then I started looking for info. from past posts...now I check often throughout the day and enjoy reading people's opinions and asking questions for myself. It is funny to now have the thought..."I should ask the mamas on mampedia about such and such." It is a great network for honest opinions. I have not seen any of the nasty stuff that some others have mentioned...but maybe cuz I haven't been on long enough. Also, I am now to the point where I recognize specific names that occur often and get a sense of the mamas personality...it is kind of a strange anonymous,cyber friendship. I enjoy the support network and the opportunity it gives to reach out and help others.

Why do YOU like Mamapedia and what do you like most about it?? What does Mamapedia do for you??

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answers from Albany on

Well today it has saved me from doing yard work. Yesterday I should've vaccuumed, day before missed bathroom cleaning......sigh.


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answers from St. Louis on

I have girlfriends. But none that I can sit down in a room and say OK, listen to what HE DID NOW! I have to talk to them individually. Here, I am able to get the opinions of 35 bright women all within minutes. And they are uncensored opinions - sometimes a good thing, other times, not so much. =)

I also LOVE giving advice. In my private life, I am the woman people come to when they need advice. I think I do a good job of evaluating both sides and offering workable solutions. It is my profession, after all.=)

I have learned so much being here. I have learned that I can get pregnant if I have sex, that I can make my own babyfood and easily. I have found places to buy things I never knew existed. I have had people cyber slap me in the face and tell me what REALLY should happen, instead of what I want to happen.

Great question - and welcome!

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answers from Norfolk on

I like getting such a wide array of opinions. I love it that we're not all homeschooling, and we're not all private schooling, and we're not all public schooling. Some of us breastfeed, some of us do formula. There are spankers and non-spankers. Moms who live in the country and moms who live in the city...
It reminds me of "I Love This Bar" by Toby Keith! I Love This Website!

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answers from St. Louis on

Cause I am just that bored at work. :p

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answers from Spokane on

I like the brutal honesty of it. It really makes me look at my parenting style and my relationship with my husband and family. I have learned a lot on this site. Some of it has made me make changes for the better, some has made me realize how blessed I am.
Mamapedia has caused me to really dig deep and look inside myself ~ I know that sounds odd, but it's true. There are a lot of topics on here I've not put much thought into until now and there are other topics that make me laugh and others that make me cry.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I love being able to get a diverse group of opinions within hours of asking a question. I also like reading other people's experiences, because it reminds me that I'm not alone in having crazy children; or a difficult time with my family or husband; or having financial problems; or whatever else I might be struggling with at the time. It always helps to have other people who can relate to whatever experiences you are having and learning from what others have done.

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answers from San Francisco on

My female friends live far from me so I feel I am getting my girly fix here every day
B. k

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answers from San Francisco on

when my kids were infants i loved this site for advice and support without me having to email the doctor for every sniffle and cough. now i love it for all the great questions and ideas, i love the opinions. i don't have as much time to read and respond but try. i feel like it's a sisterhood site, where we can be honest but supportive. i also like seeing the occasional dad. that always makes me smile to see such support. my husband has never seen this site and would never think to ask for help. ;)

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answers from Kansas City on

This is my only adult fellowship! My family comes and goes as they please, my work life is chaotic, and I only have a few minutes here and there through the day. I can easily find 2-3 hours daily to do something for me in a 24 hour day. But it's only in 10-15 minute segmants of time. It's not like I can leave the house or meet up with someone for lunch. So this is it :) I'm often on here at night when I wake up to go to the bathroom just to see if any great questions came through overnight.

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answers from San Francisco on

I love the impartial advice, the great ideas and at times the entertainment....I am on here several times a day, at least during the week.

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answers from Sacramento on

I like all the different opinions. I like to help people out by giving them my perspective, and getting other people's perspective when I have a quetion. I like you haven't really noticed the snarky-ness......I have seen people post about it, but I have no idea what they are talking about, LOL. I think sometimes that since this is all text, you can't hear the "tone" in which is what implied and it is easy to mistake someone's genuine good intention for something other than that......

But I Love Mamapedia and spend most of my day off and on checking out the different posts.

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answers from Roanoke on

The moms on here are awesome. Because anything you post about (crazy health problem, embarrassing bodily issue, cleaning emergencies, family situations), you can be confident that some mom somewhere on here has been through the same thing and can empathize.

The women on here, no matter how opposite of viewpoints, have become my virtual friends from which I draw courage, determination, and strength. And, I have a chance to help others in the same way they help me.

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answers from St. Louis on

I totally agree with Jo.G!

Also, it is nice to get a point of view from other Mommy's and Dad's.

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answers from San Francisco on

I like mama source because in a moment of need I can post a question and look forward to some varied opinions to help me sort out a problem or concern. I can't just call each and everyone of my friends and get their help,that would take days and most are out and about busy with their kids or my pressing problem is at midnight.. And personal friends might have biased opinions because they know everyone involved. I like the simplicity of mama source and that we're all here for the same reason... to offer support and encouragement in this amazing journey of motherhood.

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answers from Sacramento on

Thank goodness for Mamapedia.
It offered me help and advice when my baby was tiny.
These mamas are brilliant!
It gives me something to look forward to now that my baby is getting a little bigger.
I like the JFF questions now.
I get great ideas here.
Thanks mamas. What a great network of wonderful people! :)



answers from Philadelphia on

It reinforces to me how different we all are. And how similar we all are. How you can be a successful parent even though your parenting style is COMPLETELY different from mine. I've learned so much from the moms (and sometimes dads) on this site.

It has also served as a reality check from time to time. There are sometimes posts that are absolutely heartbreaking, ones that have brought me to tears. When I feel sorry for myself because my son (the one with autism) is pushing all my buttons or my nail broke or my snarky daughter talked back to me, this site reminds me how lucky I *actually* am, how even on my worst days, I have a loving family in real life and a lovely virtual community on this site.



answers from San Francisco on

I LOVE Mamapedia! The mothers offer real life experiences and different unique perspectives! I like that it exposes our similarities as opposed to our differences. It makes me proud to be a women, because we are phenomenal human beings. I love offering advice, humor, encouragement, or whatever is needed becasue it allows me to better address my own dilemas and issues when they arrise! I'm hooked.



answers from Redding on

Cause we are all just a little bit (or more) voyeuristic. And some of us (me included) think we know a bunch.



answers from Los Angeles on

It's replaced my facebook addiction...


answers from St. Louis on

I like the interaction with different moms, rich and different ideas, suggestions and opinions. I have been in Mamapedia since the site was Mamasource. I get very good inputs and share many similar experiences. I like it!

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