Why Cant I Open Certain Websites on My Computer!?!? Arrrrg!

Updated on February 23, 2011
M.B. asks from Detroit, MI
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Hi Ladies!
Im really hoping someone can help me because I just dont get it. Some websites just wont work on my computer for some reason. I have no parental blocks or anything on my computer. I tried to go to this ladies blog page, its nothing that a parental block would block anyways. I also was trying to go to restaurant.com and get gift cards. A screen makes a noise and pops up and says Internet Explorer cannot open this website, Operation aborted. I tried refreshing it a million times like it said to, and that thing just keeps popping up saying it cant open the website. Do you know what to do?

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Mommy X 3, I forgot about that one, I cant open that one either!! I so want to be part of the May club!! :( LOL! I hope I figure this out!

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answers from Chicago on

I am guessing you have already run an antivirus and other scanns like as-aware and/or spybot as well as have done a disk cleanup. If not take care of that first. The last thing I would ask assuming you are running a PC and not a Mac is are you using Internet explorer? I had difficulty with IE not allowing some site or not showing everything available on particular sites. As soon as I switched to Mozilla firefox that was no longer a problem.

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answers from Iowa City on

You might have to try a different browser. Firefox, for instance.

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answers from Modesto on

go to windows update, you might need to do some updating. make sure your adobe flash player has been updated.

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answers from Detroit on

Hi M.---Not sure but it sounds like your pop up blocker. I have microsoft vista, I think. My computer is not quite 2 yrs old.

My husband makes a point of befriending the tech support/computer guys at work. One of his suggestions to me as I try to (learn to) trouble on my own...RIGHT CLICK ON THE ICON. When you right click, it gives you options to choose from, if options exist. So...

Try this. With internet explorer open you should see a series of symbols at the top right of the page...that's where they are on mine. I have a house, a square with curved lines on it. There's an envelope, a printer icon, then the words page, safey and tools.

Left click on tools. A box will open. Scroll down and you will see the pop-up blocker section. Click on that. Another box will open, mine is to the left. See what that says. If the pop up blocker is on, try turning it off to see if that allows you to go where you want to go.

Another place to check, within that tools box, all the way to the bottom of the first box is an option called internet options. Click on that and you can check on security settings.

I always keep a list of where I am making changes in case I have to go back and redo what I've undone. Good luck. Let us know if that works. Take care, D.

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answers from Norfolk on

It might have something to do with your security settings in your browser and/or in your firewall.

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answers from Washington DC on

This could be a browser issue. If you have an older browser, you may need to buy a newer version or a different version. Sites designed for more recent browsers often won't open on older ones. We had a very old browser for a long time and I had the same frustrations; we upgraded everything and since then I haven't hit any blockages yet. Might cost money, but it ends the frustration!

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answers from Columbus on

Mine keeps doing that on the BabyCenter Birth Club.

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answers from Miami on

Run your antivirus program first. See what that tells you. If it comes back with nothing, you are going to need to take your PC somewhere because trying to diagnose that over the internet, via a chat board could get very complicated.

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answers from Wichita on

I got tired of Internet Explorer doing that to me I use Google Chrome and it works fine. The Disney Websites that will tell me it runs better with Internet Explorer so I go there for that site but that is all!!


answers from Kansas City on

You should have your computer set on automatic updates to keep everything working well and then the advice given below by some about settings for privacy, etc. under tools should be checked. There is now Internet Explorer 9 and you can just upgrade or download it. I refuse to use IE though and use Mozilla Firefox with way less issues. I also have Safari, Chrome, and Opera "in case" but find Firefox to be great. You can download it at CNET.com or other places. You might also need something to scan regularly for registry or other changes. There's registry mechanic and others. Some cost a little but are worth it and some are free. Also you should have something on your computer to do system checks and diagnose some issues. See if you can find things to run to diagnose. Advanced system care is one and you can get it free, 'help and support' should be of some help.


answers from St. Louis on

I never use IE, ignoring the fact that it shares .dll files with your core operating system (just asking for malware to walk right in) it is by far the worst browser on earth. The only reason it even resides on my computer is to open microsoft websites that cannot be opened in any other browser.

If you like bells and whistles go with Firefox. If you like speed and you only need spell check go with Chrome.

This is a browser issue.



answers from Kansas City on

Sounds like you're getting a variety of answers. I occasionally have the same problem with my wireless internet at home. For me, turning off my (DSL) modem and wireless router works. I turn them both off, count to 30, then turn them on again. Hopefully this will work for you too.

As others were saying, you could also make sure you have the latest version of your browser (Explorer, Firefox, etc.)-- updating is free. Also, if you have Internet Explorer, you may need to change a setting so that some pages designed for earlier versions will display correctly: in Explorer, click Tools, then Compatability View.

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