Whole Milk and Tummy Issues in My 1 Year Old

Updated on August 19, 2010
J.H. asks from Dubuque, IA
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Sorry I don't post much but my little boy who turned 1 son Aug 13 has been on whole milk for a good 3 weeks. He doesn't really seem to care for it all that much like he did his formula but still drinks it. Lately I have noticed that he is a little more whiney and at night he starts crying and its like he is throwing a fit (but he still asleep), I have also noticed that he tends to want to bring his knees up tot his tummy. I have also noticed that he isn't pooping like he was when he was on formula. He know seems to poop little pebbles size poops and only 1-2 at a time and it stinks. He never seems to have a good healthy poop. Could the whole milk be causing him to have some tummy issues. He has no cold, no fever, no teeth that seem to be coming through, and his ears do not seem to be bothering him. He does have his 1 year check up on the 24th and I plan on asking the dr. but the night crying seems to be getting worse.

I also want to add that my 3 year old cannot be on whole milk as he kept complaining that his tummy hurt and he got super constipated when we switched him to milk. He also can't drink a lot of milk specially choc. milk or he tends to get the runs. He is currently on 1% and does fine as long as he doesn't drink a lot of it during the day. My 2 year old also is on 1% b/c her poops stunk like whole milk and where also hard round pebbles but other then that she had no other issues. I switched her b/c the dr. said I could switch both of my kids to 1%

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answers from Oklahoma City on

My daughter never sleeps good when she has very much cows milk, we use 2% for our 3 and 5 yr olds. I give my 1 yr old soy milk and she likes it alot. My older son will drink it too, but the 3 yr old won't so we buy both. Dr said it was fine and had everything she needed it in, and it doesn't uspet her tummy like the cow's milk does. I heard that it might have a lot of hormones in it though, so I have gotten the Almond milk a couple of times and she likes that too, but I don't and doubt my other kids would like it.



answers from Chicago on

my first was allergic to milk and eggs, my second allergic to egg whites and my third is im sure allergic to both. your child is old enough for allergy testing and im shocked that your pediatrician hasnt run tests on your kids...


answers from Los Angeles on

Thats how it was when my baby turned 1 and we got her on whole milk. The worst for me was hearing her tummy make all these horrible noises as she was drinking the milk, but it never happened when she would drink water or juice. Then after about a month and a half on it, she started throwing it up.
I switched her to soy, and she has done great ever since! Her poops got regular again, and no more tummy noises, or restless sleeping. The ped wanted us to put her back on milk so I have done it very slowly and only 2% so far (and she still drinks the soy). I would definately ask your doc and see if you can use soy or 2%. Good Luck!



answers from Nashville on

I don't really understand the American obsession with making sure kids drink milk. I think this is pushed more by the dairy industry than anything. Not sure if you know this or not, so I just wanted to put it out there, but kids don't NEED milk to be healthy. They need calcium, protein, and vitamin D, which are found in milk, but these are also found in many, many plant sources as well. (Not to mention Vitamin D from the sun.) So if you suspect at all that milk is the problem, just don't give it to him and see what happens. Make sure he's getting some meat/beans/tofu/fish/eggs for protein, yogurt/cheese/green veggies for calcium (plus they put it in orange juice now too), and get him outside for 10-15 mins a day, and he should be getting all the nutrition he needs.

Milk also has a lot of added hormones and things that can even be harmful.


answers from San Diego on

That really does sound like text book milk intolerance. I would drop the milk for a while. You can try cheese and yogurt or other sources that have the same nutrients. Because of the way it's made it's not as aggrivating.
That also sounds like constipation. I would suggest giving your son some pear juice to help relieve the constipation. No more than a few ounces a day, like one of those small Gerber baby juice jars spread out during the day. This is what my kids' doctor recommended.
We have to use soy milk when we have things like cereal. Cows milk is treated as a treat because too much of it and I have sick kids.



answers from Appleton on

My daughter (13 mos) is also on 1%. Her pediatrician said there is no real need for American babies to be on whole milk, because they get all the extra fat they need in their normal diet. The rest of our family drinks 1% and my daughter would not drink the whole milk (she also switched from formula) so I tried the 1% and she drank it right away. I think it's also better because now you don't have to switch them again from whole to skim, 1% or 2% later on down the road!
I'd try switching and increasing the fiber in his diet since it sounds like he's obviously constipated. Try cutting up some prunes and letting him eat them as finger food- my daughter LOVES them!

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