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Updated on December 29, 2010
K.C. asks from Waldorf, MD
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My son is 12 months old. I just started him on whole milk. What can I do if he seems to not like the taste of it?

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all your responses. I did equal parts of formula and whole milk. And He seems to be doing well with it. In the meantime, I will start reducing ounces of his formula. Until he is ready to drink a full cup of whole milk. Also, I've been putting whole milk in his breakfast cereal and he doesn't know the difference. It's been going pretty well after all.

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Introduce it slowly by mixing a small amount in mostly formula or breast milk (whatever he is used to), and slowly increase the amount of milk while decreasing the amount of formula so he can get used to the flavor change. You can also try adding chocolate flavor or a small amount of vanilla extract to sweeten the taste.

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answers from Laredo on

I am not sure what you can do if he doesnt like it.. Can he tell you why it is that he doesn't like it?...
Dont switch to 2 percent!! It is recommended that kids between the age of one and two drink whole milk, they need all the nutrients for their growing bodies.
You might ask his ped or google about whole soy milk, I know they are now fortified with nutrients that are in whole milk. Soy milk has a sweeter taste to me anywase so he may enjoy it more.

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answers from Gainesville on

Do not switch to 2% milk. Children up to age 2 needs the fats that whole milk provides. This is essential for brain growth and development.

My son was exclusively breastfed and wasn't crazy about whole milk when we started around 14 months. I found that he liked organic whole milk better. Stoneyfield is great. It def has a better taste and we also added just a bit of Ovaltine from time to time. It isn't pure sugar like chocolate syrup and adds some vitamins and minerals. You can also try it warm like the breastmilk or formula he is used to.

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answers from Detroit on

Don't switch to two percent unless your doctor recommends it. My pediatrician still suggests whole milk for my three year old If your children are overweight, it's probably the other food they are eating.

Is it the taste he doesn't like or the temperature?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

You could add a few drops of flavoring. Usually, they don't like it at first. he will get used to it though.
And who doesn't like to dunk a cookie in milk?

And yes--right now he needs WHOLE MILK. 1 yo's need that fat. For their brains.

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when my guy started drinking whole milk I started by mixing it with breast milk (or formula if that's what your son drank before). I made it more breast milk than whole milk to start and as time went on I reduced the amount of breast milk until he was only drinking whole. It made the transition less surprising for him and he seemed to take to it much easier than I thought he would. Good Luck!



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My son was the same. Start adding the whole milk gradually to the breast milk or formula till he gets used to the taste- if he's used to warm milk heating up the cow's milk helps too. I did one ounce at a time, each day reducing the breast milk by an ounce and adding an additional ounce of cow's milk.
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answers from Dallas on

All kids love milk lol just dont give him alot of it and i reccomend using 2% for health reasons. Whole milk is very fatting and 2% is low fat and taste just as good. My kids love it and they started with whole ilk, but i switched them, when they were getting over wieght. The wic office reccomended it, and ever since then ive been using it. Hope he likes it goodluck;]



answers from Honolulu on

Whole milk is recommended through 2 years old. At least. The reason is, the "milk fats" are an important 'nutrient' for brain development.

If your child does not like it, ask your Pediatrician for comparable alternatives.



answers from Washington DC on

You can stop, and wait. All kids do NOT like the taste of milk! Despite what many people might tell you. Your child might need to wait for a bit, and that's ok. His body knows what it needs. He might even have a sensitivity or allergy to it. Many people are lactose intolerant. You might try goat's milk; since it's closer to human milk and more alkaline. There are plenty of alternatives that he can have- coconut milk, hemp milk, almond milk, etc. If you are worried about the calcium, there are plenty of non dairy calcium sources. If you want more info. have questions about other options, please feel free to email me.



answers from Oklahoma City on

It doesn't sound like he was transitioned. I may be wrong, sorry if I am.

When ready to move from formula to regular milk start the first week by adding 2 oz. of regular milk to 6 oz's of formula. Do this for several days up to a week or until he is really, really doing well. I never had anyone longer than a week but some might take more time.

The next week go to half milk and half formula. Do this every bottle, every day, for about another week. If he is doing well and likes it start the next week by going to 6 oz.'s regular milk to 2 oz.'s of formula. He should be able to go to regular milk full time after a couple of days of this.

It takes about a month to slowly transition a baby to regular milk. It can be done cold turkey but the pooh is the nastiest, grossest smelling, make you throw up if you even are in the same room kind of pooh. One of my kids in child care center got WIC and the mom forgot to start transitioning the baby girl the month she turned one, she thought they had another month of formula coming and they were planning on doing it the next month. They had no money and got several gallons of regular milk so they had no choice but to go cold turkey. I finally couldn't stand the pooh anymore and bought a can of formula and we got the baby's tummy back on track and transitioned her right and the nasty pooh was gone by the second or third day. It was so bad I puked over a trash can while changing the baby's diaper. I had never even retched while changing a diaper before in 13 years.

If you check with your local Health Department about getting some fliers regarding toddler nutrition you'll see that toddlers need the fat in whole milk for proper development. It is important to follow the nutrition guidelines so your baby will have the best nutrition possible.

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