Who Did You Use for Cord Blood Banking? Why?

Updated on September 14, 2009
S.S. asks from Troy, MI
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I am looking into saving our baby's cord blood cells. We have done it with the first two kids through Cord Blood Registry but this time we are looking for a cheaper deal!
You would think they give a discount the more kids you have but NO!
I have heard there are only two - Via Cord and Cord Blood Registry. WHen I look it up online it looks like there a many more smaller ones - Do you know what the differnce is?

CBR price for this child is $1750 and $125/year for 18 years.
Our first child only cost $1200 with $125/ year for 18 years.
In my opinion both are too much money - even though it could save their lives.
I know I want to do it but I am looking for a deal! WHo isn't?

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answers from Detroit on

Another option is to go through Karmanos in Detroit. The cord blood is stored for anyone needing it, however, if you need it and it is are available, it is yours. Just a thought if you decide you cannot afford to pay for it because this is free. It could save a life. I went through them. After researching, I was not confident in paying for the service for many reasons. Please consider if you decide not to bank for yourself!



answers from Grand Rapids on

We've used ViaCord for both of our children. Our High-risk OB recommended them because of their cutting edge research and innovation in stem cell research.



answers from Detroit on

I did the cord blood bank that Teri talks about. It was about 2 years ago and I am pretty sure it was free. If not, it was a very very small fee. I really did not have that much information on them at the time so I didn't know too much about paying for one that would be specifically for my child. But, I do like the idea of being able to help other kids if my child never needs it and just getting those banks filled up so they are more in access for everyone including my own child.



answers from Lansing on

I know you really don't mean, "both are too much money - even though it could save their lives." You cannot put a price on your child's life! If god forbid you ever need the cord blood, it will be the best money you ever spent! You won't even be thinking about how much you paid to store it...you'll just be SO HAPPY you did it! We banked our son's cord blood with Viacord and I have to call this week to set up #2. Viacord is giving us a discount for using them a second time. We have been very happy with them so far. All CBS is expensive. Go ahead and find the best price, but don't feel as though you are throwing your money away. Happy shopping and good luck.



answers from Detroit on

We used Lifebank USA -- I checked into the two you mentioned above, and really they're all very similar. Lifebank seemed that they were performing more research, and in fact gave me the option of donating the placenta for more research, which we did all 3 times. Now they even have placental blood banking, but since it was an additional cost we chose NOT to do that.

Lifebank USA gave us a $400 credit for our 2nd and 3rd child. I don't recall the price this time, though -- I think it's probably similar to what CBR is quoting you.

My advice -- if you haven't done this already -- is to contact the companies directly and ask for their BEST price. For CBR this would include a credit for your 3rd child (I know you said they don't do this, but you might be surprised if you ask!). Lifebank gave us a discount on our first child because I checked with our hospital and our OB, and we were the first couple to bank with Lifebank at the hospital (and it was our OB's first time using them, too).

If you decide to go with Lifebank, let me know!! I, too, am always looking for a discount, and if you mention my name I get a free year of storage! :) Shoot me a private message if you'd like.

Good luck with your decision -- and I hope you're able to get a little bit knocked off that price!



answers from Detroit on

Hi S. - This is a response to a request from July, but a lot of the information also applies to your request, so I am reposting it for you.

We banked the cord blood for our daughter. The research they are doing with the stem cells that are in the cord blood is very promising. For certain medical issues, the blood is helpful, but also is not 100% guaranteed. The theories about stem cells are very valid, and at this point the possibilites for cures for many medical issues seem endless. There is a lot of info about stem cells, cord blood, and their uses out on the net, and I would encourage you to research it a little bit before making a decision either way.

Usually you receive a kit in the mail that you must register for ahead of time - and notify your OB that you are doing this. You usually pay for the service up front, and if they are unable to collect the cells properly, you receive a refund. Then there is a yearly storage fee as well. This kit goes with you to the hospital and the doctors and nurses follow the instructions with the kit. Once it is complete, there is usually a phone number for a courier that you call, and they come and pick up the kit and deliver it to the cord blood registry or bank.

The facility you decide upon may be the type where it is available for your own use only. These are typically called Cord Blood Banks. You have to authorize anyone to be able to access your child's stem cells, and they typically become the property of the child at age 18. In other words, just like a real bank, what you have put in, is yours to take back out.

There are also cord blood banks which are public. These are typically called Cord Blood Registries. These work in that all of the characteristics are added to a database. If someone is in need of cells, they check the database for the best match to that person. These are sometimes cheaper than the cord blood banks.

There are pros and cons for each type - I'll list the registries first.

Pros - they are cheaper usually, families who were not able to bank their own cells may be able to be helped or cured from your childs cells

Cons - Your childs cells may be used for someone else, and if your child needs them later, they may be getting a less than 100% match.

Cord Blood Banks:

Pros - You are guaranteed access to your childs cells if and when they are needed, you know those cells are a 100% match, you will not be contacted later letting you know someone has used your cells and they may not be available for your use later

Cons - Usually much more expensive

Some people will make arguments about either case being the better option, but ultimately it is a decision you and your family have to make. Is it unethical to want your child to have the best possible opportunity for a cure if God forbid something happen later? Is it unfeasible to pay for the cost of the bank vs the registry? Is it more important that you could possibly help someone else if your childs cells never need to be used within your family?

It is a tough decision, and I wish you luck in deciding. In my case, we decided that we wanted the best possibility and opportunity for our child if something catastrophic should happen later in life. I knew I would not be able to live with myself if I did not bank her blood and she needs it later. Ultimately, my child's life is worth more to me than any amount of money they could ask me to pay - even if it is only a chance at a possible cure!



answers from Detroit on

Look into Alphacord, I used them. They have many locations for their banks and you can select which location, the cheapest is in Utah ($775) with $115 annual storage fee. I haven't had any issues with this company. IMO, they are very professional, look at their website and compare. Good luck!

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