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Updated on August 01, 2012
C.M. asks from New Baden, IL
6 answers

I thought about this last night then saw a post about a White Noise Machine at daycare...my kids have had a fan or white noise machine in their room at bedtime since they were born. The one they had broke (Sharper Image and only 1.5 years old.....) so we didn't have one for them last night and they slept fine...just like normal, but I felt like it was SO quiet in their room!

How long did you use your white machine with your kids? Hubby and I have a fan in our room (he likes the wind) and i like the noise...I am not planning on replacing it unless their sleeping habits change...but figured I'd ask if you still had yours when your kids were older, did they use them, like them, feel like they need them to sleep?

My kids sleep fine at other places without one, too...by the way :)


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answers from Fort Smith on

My 14 y/o son could sleep thru a helicopter landing on our house! But, the 9 y/o could hear a fly fart! So, he has a little fan on the night stand. I wish I could go to and stay asleep without a fan, but I can't. I use a ceiling fan and also usually have the fan in the bathroom going too - my husband snores!! He says I do too, but I don't believe him!! LOL

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answers from Dallas on

I never used one with my son. He is used to all kinds of noise. I can vacuum his room while he's sleeping, and he sleeps right through. I really wanted him to be OK with sleeping through any noise, so I declined. He is 3.

I don't NEED noise to sleep, but there always is noise around here. When I am away from home it takes me a little longer to fall asleep with complete quiet, but I sleep fine.

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answers from Chicago on

My kids each have one at home in their rooms, but the also sleep fine without them away from home.

DH and I, on the other hand, need the noise to fall and stay asleep.

Not sure when that "transition" happens. I never had noise shen sleeping until I met my husband, who used a fan. 13 yrs later, I can't sleep without it.

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answers from Seattle on

LOL @ hearing a fly fart.
My siblings and I are 35, 33, 30, 27, and 24. WE ALL sleep with a fan on. We laugh and talk about it. If our significant others turn off the fan in the middle of the night we will wake up and turn the fan back on almost instantly. So I am probably setting my kids up for the same thing since I have our fans on every night. I have thought about a white noise machine...

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answers from Chicago on

My kids don't necessarily need them but I have always needed noise - a fan or an air purifier, something! I'm 34 so hopefully your kids won't need them that long!!!! If they slept fine without it - I wouldn't worry about it at all.

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answers from Chattanooga on

I never used a noise machine for my DD. Actually... I used to purposely alternate the level of noise in the house. Some nights, I would keep quiet. Some nights, I would just carry on the normal level of noise. Sometimes I would run the vacuum or wash pots and pans when she was in bed.

Now, she has a fan in her room... Not for the noise, but for the cool air. lol. She is able to sleep through anything... Heck, we had a NASTY thunderstorm a few nights ago... with thunderclaps that woke me from a dead sleep hard enough that I jumped out of bed, and she slept right through it.

It's sad though... I have had to turn on a fan in my room for temperature control, and now I NEED it for the noise. I am typically a super light sleeper, and it has helped me a lot to sleep through things that used to wake me up.

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