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Updated on November 07, 2009
J.T. asks from Victoria, TX
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We have one "Homedics SoundSpa Lullaby with picture projection". After reading reviews saw it brok easly. The projection motor did break but were still using it for our son. What white noise machiene would you recomend. I would like it to make different noises (rain, heartbeat, ocean) and have a night light with it. Thanks for all of your suggestions!!!

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So What Happened?

thanks ladies. we do need a fan in that room as its just a light bulb now! i am still looking and will consider all of your advice.

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My husband purchased over the internet white noise CD's when our son was born. We had the fan, vacuum & hair dryer. We found the hair dryer worked best. We downloaded them onto our ipods used them all over the house. The white noise saved us when he was first born. Within minutes it would relax him.



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Hi Jackie! Everyone in my house loves having 'white noise' while they sleep. :) We actually use an inexpensive fan - $10 from Lowes or Home Depot - and it works GREAT. It makes noise in the room and we love it because our kids can't hear the phone ring or tv or anything.

~ Ann



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I have a Homemedics sound machine for my son that is great! It doesn't have a projector, just makes noise, but I love it because it is so small and portable. It even takes batteries OR plugs into the wall! I have taken it on several trips with us and I don't think I would ever get anything different (one of the hotels we stayed at didn't have a plug that was accessible, so we were able to get batteries and run it anyway!). It truly is so convenient. It has a number of different sounds and a timer if you want it to turn itself off. I got it at Bed, Bath and Beyond if I remember right. It doesn't have a night light, but I always throw one of those in a bag when we travel anyway. I hope this was helpful.



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Sorry to not be able to recommend the type of baby white noise you are asking about, but have to respond anyway!
I am a shift worker and have lived with white noise for many years. What works for me, and my grandchildren when they visit, is a squirrel cage type fan that is somewhat loud because it moves a lot of air. It is perfect for when my grandbabies visit because the room they stay in is below an open concept living area that seems to magnify sound. We adults are able to visit, watch tv, play games etc. without disturbing the kids!

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