Which Undies to Buy for Potty Training?

Updated on March 26, 2010
C.S. asks from Cedar Rapids, IA
16 answers

Hi Mamas ~
My son just turned 2.5 years old, and he is pooping and peeing on the potty when he feels like it. No pressure from us. He is our first child, and I have no experience potty training a boy. I grew up in a house with all girls! That being said, I want to buy underwear for when the time comes. I have been looking at the Hanna Andersson potty training "unders" and some other higher end brands. What should I look for in training undewear? Which ones worked best for you, and how many did you buy when you started out potty training? My son absolutely refuses to wear pull-ups, so that will not be an option for us. They remind him of the disposable swim diapers, which he also hates with a passion. Thanks!

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answers from Milwaukee on

I wouldn't worry about getting training undies. I would get him regular undies. It seems like he would like those better any way.



answers from Washington DC on

I never used training undies to be honest , I have potty trained a girl and a boy and used the same technique with both , we spent a few days indoors with nothing on the botton half then went to regular underwear , we had the odd accident but nothing major.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I agree with Tiffany B. -- get something he will LOVE and he won't want to pee on it. AND, he won't want to put diapers on ever again. Wearing them will almost be like a special treat in itself. I say take him shopping and let him choose. My son is also 2.5 and he's potty trained during the day and just wears a regular diaper at night.



answers from Savannah on

I just bought regular undies for our daughter. she did wear pull ups, so initially we put those on her...but she just acted like they were diapers. So a friend suggested we put undies on her and the pull ups over the undies (so if she had an accident it was caught). since your son hates pull ups...you could put the undies on him and a diaper over them. It does take a bit more work if he has an accident...but he'll be feeling the discomfort of peeing in undies instead of the comfort of a diaper.

Also after a few weeks of doing the pull ups over the panties thing...we just removed the pullups and she had several accidents...but we kept on trying. Asked her every 30min- an hour if she had to go potty and if it had been a while we'd just have her go sit on the potty. Eventually she just stopped with the accidents. It takes time and there's going to be accidents of course...but hopefully he'll quickly tire of that. good luck!!! :)


answers from Minneapolis on

We tried and tried to potty-train our son at 2 and then 2.5. Finally we just put him in pull-ups and gave up. When he was a month past his 3rd birthday we reintroduced the potty chair and he's been totally consistent every since. We took away ALL special underwear and he was just wearing the thin regular undies. That seemed to do the trick. However, if we tried to have him wear pull-ups to bed, then that would totally screw him up for another week. Yes, you WILL have to deal with wetting the bed, pooping in the pants, etc for awhile, but they do figure it out. Just make sure he's at the point where he wants to use the potty. For us, little suckers did the trick. Every time he used the potty he got a treat.



answers from Austin on

Which undies? The cheapest ones you can find. They will be ruined fast. And, if you are like me, will get thrown away after a poop accident. I highly recommend going straight to underwear (when he is ready) and skipping the special "training" pants. If he is into a particular character, it helps to get the underwear with it. That and a potty chart should set you right up!
Good luck.



answers from Sacramento on

I used the Gerber training undies with my son. He was 25months when he started in them. They were great. For me, much of the deciding factor was that they came in sizes down to 18months and fit my very thin son.

Honestly, I wouldn't spend the money on something more expensive. Training pants don't need to be super absorbent, you just want something to catch the little leaks that happen on the way to the potty and (ick) to hold poop that comes unexpectedly without ruining your pants. If you're really ready for undies, the brand you buy shouldn't make a huge difference, but if I had spent Hanna Anderson money on my son's first undies, I might have been a little less relaxed about the occasional accident that was bound to happen.

Hope this helps.



answers from Chicago on

C., Good luck with the potty training this early. Some boys are totally ready and others not. Don't waste your money on fancy high end underwear. Go to the local target, kmart etc and get training pants. They are a pair of underwear that have a super thick absorbant layer in the middle. doesn't matter if its a boy or girl as the absorbant layer goes from front to back. Your son will feel wet if he pees himselft but hopefully you will catch it before he soaks the furniture or his clothing. I had a girlfriend who was trying to potty train her son and went straight for the cutesy underwear and then was mad that her son got his clothing wet over and over all day long. he wasn't ready and the underwear were not thick enough to hold anything. hope it goes well for you. carters makes really good training pants.



answers from Louisville on

Gerber has some good training undies, and you can buy those at any local superstore like WalMart and Target, but I'll agree with others - I'd go with the cheapest undies for now unless you are using them as a reward "big boy undies!". I'm not sure how you feel about consignment, but I was able to pick up 8-10 pairs for $2.00 at my local consignment store. I took them home, sanitized them, and didn't feel guilty if I had to throw them away after a massive poop that just wasn't worth cleaning - or worse, happened away from home. Take a note though - no matter how much you think he's trained, always pack a spare set of clothes and SHOES/SOCKS (or crocs) in the car with a couple of plastic bags. I've had to buy clothes before at a store because even though he is mostly trained (almost 4) he still gets excited and sometimes just can't get to the potty fast enough!



answers from Madison on

We used Hannah Anderssons and I highly recommend them. Soft, well-made, absorbant, with no "scratchy" tags or elastic. I waited and got a bunch on sale - they usually have sales a couple of times a year. We made do with 3 sets (9 pair) since I do laundry twice per week. Not that you're necessarily interested, but after hundreds of washings they're still in great shape and would still be okay to reuse for a next child (if, like me, your thriftiness trumps squeamishness:) Well worth the extra expense, imo.

Good luck potty training!



answers from Dallas on

The ones he wants ; ) Not peeing on his fav Thomas friend may be surprisingly motivating.



answers from Burlington on

Hi C.,

Wow! I'm impressed with your son. Most boys don't potty train until an older age. My and my friend's boys wore pull-up diapers until ages 4-5. I had hand-me-down underwear. It had extra layers of cloth in the crotch. If that doesn't seem to work, natural food cooperatives sell reuseable cloth feminine pads. I bet those might help if extra absorption is needed. Just a thought.

Good luck,
: ) Maureen



answers from Dallas on

When we first started potty training we used Potty Scotty for boys b/c they're thicker than the normal training pants you find in Walmart, Target, etc. I really liked them and felt they were worth the money. It saved me from having to clean my floors from every little accident b/c they're so absorbent but your kid will still feel wet. Once we were further along in training meaning not as many full blown accidents then I got the Gerber training underwear from Walmart. A dozen pair should be good to start that way you're not always doing laundry. My best to you in the potty training adventure!! :-)




answers from Peoria on

The underwear with your child's favorite characters on it from Wal-mart or Target. :-) We also used a Potty DVD which I have listed on our education site. The favorite book was at Target and it was a Potty book with a button on it that sounds like a flush.




answers from New York on

Target sells 'gerber' training underwear, and I liked JC Penny's training pants, Oakie dokie (sp?). They're both a little thicker material than just normal underwear, so if a little urine gets on them the pants stay fairly dry.



answers from Jacksonville on

The Gerber undies with the thick padding work well. Not really any need to buy pricey undies.

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