Which Travel System Do You Recommend?

Updated on December 22, 2008
M.A. asks from Chicago, IL
5 answers

Hello Moms,

I'm expecting baby #2 in January and am looking for a new travel system(car seat, car seat base, stroller) Any recommendations?


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answers from Chicago on

Something to consider is where you live. I currently live in a single-family home neighborhood on the city's south side, with an attached garage. However, I used to live in a condo in a high rise downtown (multi-car garage parking) and then before that in a third floor apartment in a walk-up building (street parking). I used a Graco travel system with my child, but there is no way on earth I would have lugged that heavy beast of a thing around downtown or at the apartment!

My Graco was simple to use, easy to fold with one hand, but heavy. Fortunately I drive a larger sedan with plenty of trunk space but even then the travel system ate up a bunch of it.

Go to Babies R Us and ask them if you can pull your car up to the curb and practice putting the stroller away in your trunk. You should also be able to take each and every model off the shelf and try to fold it. My rule of thumb when selecting a model was, if I couldn't figure out how to fold it on my own and within a few minutes, it got crossed off the list!

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answers from Chicago on

When I needed to buy all the components, the most important aspect to me was weight (even more important than looks and price), and then ease of use. The Graco MetroLite system was awesome and I highly recommend it. However, if you are shopping at Babies R Us, please be aware that Metrolite comes in a "system" (car seat sold with stroller), but it also comes as separates in a different pattern. The Metrolite stroller with separate car seat is actually LIGHTER than the Metrolite system. (Plus, I thought the pattern was even more attractive in the separates...but that's personal opinion!)

Good luck!

PS The MetroLite is part of the Snugride line!

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answers from Bloomington on

Often the travel systems don't offer the best of either carseat or stroller...I'd suggest you choose an infant seat with higher weight and height limits such as the Keyfit 30 or Graco Safeseat 1, they will give you much more use out of the infant seat and with an older child is so much nicer to tote the little one in the infant seat when you've got a toddler too. Both of these infant seats are very easy to install and use and provide excellent protection for baby.

The Keyfit 30 does come in "systems" with a decent stroller and the Safeseat will fit onto the Graco strollers, but those Graco strollers (except the Microlite) and so big and bulky....the universal strollers (it's just the frame) are also great too! Also do you need the older child to ride in the stroller too..that will limit your choices....The Snugride is a good seat (if you get one make sure it has a front harness adjuster)...I'd worry less about a matching system and more about a seat that will last longer.


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answers from Chicago on

I have the Chicco travel system with the KeyFit30 car seat. It is awesome!! I wanted a fun baby stroller and got the "Cubes" pattern from BRus. I would highly recommend. Car seat is great and lightweight and stroller is easy to open and close. The car seat very easily snaps in and the stroller glides. Hope this help and good luck!



answers from Chicago on

Graco Snugride, all the way. It's rated top in safety and it's affordable. After that I recommend the Evenflo Triumph convertible carseat. After the Britax, it's the safest seat on the market and again affordable.

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