Which Summer Infant Video Monitor?

Updated on October 23, 2011
K.C. asks from Irvine, CA
6 answers

Ok ladies, I need help. Baby # 2 is coming in 10 days and I still haven't chosen a new video monitor yet.

I keep hearing that Summer Infant makes the best ones right now, but with 14 different models to choose from, I have no idea which one to get.

I definitely want one that lets me have a second camera, so there is one for each kid. Beyond that... HELP!

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answers from Dallas on

I like the Angel care movement monitor. It will set off an alarm if you baby stops breathing. The video monitors are good but you can not watch them when you are sleeping. TheAngel care movement monitor will wake you up, so it is like you are watchging the monitor 24/7.



answers from Savannah on

We used the Summer infant slim and secure handheld color video monitor. We loved it and wish we still had it (an airline lost it). I would HIGHLY recommend it!




answers from Boise on

We have the Summer day and night hand held. 2 cameras and I can use one monitor and switch back and forth between rooms or use both monitors at night if I want to hear both rooms.



answers from Phoenix on

Hi K.! Congratulations on baby #2. we have the summer infant best view handheld color video monitor. I really like it. We bought our first one when my first son moved into a big boy bed so that I could keep an eye on him. After buying this, I have no idea how I survived with a simple regular monitor when he was in a crib, so we purchased a second one when my second son was born. You can purchase a second camera, but it was my understanding that you could only see/hear the child that the parent handset was set to, so that is why we just bought a whole other unit. Anyway, I like this one because you can move it around from the parent handset, so if the baby rolls out of view, you don't have to go into the baby's room, you can "search" for him or her using the parent handset. The color monitor doesn't really make a difference because with the lights off in the room, you can't see colors anyway. Good luck with your search and your upcoming delivery :)



answers from Los Angeles on

I echo the answer about the Angelcare Sound/Movement monitor. It was a huge relief to have the breathing monitor. Friends of ours lost their infant daughter to SIDS and this monitor gave us a ton of peace of mind. I don't think they have a version with video yet, but we felt that was a reasonable tradeoff for the movement monitor.
Congratulations on #2! :-)



answers from Los Angeles on

Definitely the Summer Day and Night Handheld Video Monitor. Had mine for 3 years now and it still works great. I'm sure the newer version is even better. It's so nice how portable it is and that it has a long battery life so you can have it unplugged for hours before you need to plug it back in. You will not be disappointed with this monitor!

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