Which Scooter Did You Buy for Your Preschooler?

Updated on October 04, 2010
J.A. asks from Spartanburg, SC
9 answers

I have started researching scooters for my kids (4 & 2) for christmas. I am wondering if anyone has a scooter they and their kids really love? I am looking in the $25-$40 price range, I want something that won't fall apart in a year (we have a very cheap plastic Huffy that is a year old and is literally breaking apart, we also leave bikes and scooters outside,pushed against the garage door all the time), and is easy for a 2-3 yr old to ride. My older child complains that our current scooter scrapes her ankles, our youngest can operate it with no problems. I have come across a Razor A for my older child and a Razor Jr. Folding Kick Scooter for my younger. Anyone with expereince with either of these? Or other suggestions? Thanks!

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answers from Atlanta on

I got a Barbie metal folding scooter for my 5 yr old and my 3 yr old uses his sister's old Disney Princess 3-wheel plastic one. Maybe I had better luck but both are 3 and 5 yrs old without trouble, costing around $15 ea.

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answers from San Francisco on

not in that price range but we love our kettler 3 wheel scooter!

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answers from Atlanta on

I got my daughter the Radio Flyer "My First Scooter" She's five and still enjoys it. It's endured 2 years now. My 1.5year old twins enjoy standing on it and getting pushed around, too.

Good luck!

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answers from Anchorage on

I tried to get the ones designed for younger kids for my youngest, and he hated them, so I got him a regular razor, and he loves it. Before that, when he was 2 and 3, he had a little rider one that had 3 wheels, but he never took to it. He just wanted a 2 wheel one like the big kids, and has had no problems with it. I had gotten a cheaper 2 wheel one once that looked just like a razor, but it was not. I will stick with the actual razors from now on, even if they cost a little more.

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answers from Atlanta on

I got my (then 3) now 4 year old a Razr scooter last year -he loves it! It's the same one the older kids have with an adjustable hand bar, so it will "grow" with him.

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answers from Honolulu on

there are scooters, that have 2 wheels in front and 1 in the back, for younger kids/toddlers.
My kids' Aunty, got one from Walmart, for my son. My son is 4.
My older daughter, has a Razor. She is 7.

Here is the one for toddlers:

Or this:

My son has this one:
AND, it is very durable and has not broken no matter how rough he is.

BOTH of my kids, use their scooters ALL the time... and are not gentle about it. And their scooters has lasted.... more than 2 years thus far, with NO problem or breakage.

good luck,

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answers from Dallas on

We bought our son (3 at the time) the My first Scooter by Radio Flyer for christmas last year and he loves it and still play with it 2-3 times a week.

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answers from Seattle on

PLASMACAR!!!! (aka the "scoocher"). Neighborhood and house favorite from age 2-8 (and still counting). Trick. Take into a bike shop and have the wheels they come with replaces with razorblade wheels for quieter inside riding. And require a helmet when scooching/racing around outside. They are RIDICULOUSLY stable and maneuverable, but the kids start going FAST on them.


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answers from Denver on

I like the razors they are the only scooters that I have had that lasted more than a year. They have knock offs which my son has and it has held up pretty good considering but watching my nephew on his razor compared to the knock off one the wheel barings look a lot better on the razor he didnt look to be pushing as hard as my son. My next scooter purchase will be a razor

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