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Updated on November 25, 2013
J.G. asks from Chicago, IL
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Oh my, I'm buying the kids scooters for Xmas and I have no clue what model to get them!!!! Do I just go with the pro or a cheaper model? I'd like adjustable handlebars, and something that will last through their teen years.

So which razor scooter model?

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answers from Houston on

We bought the Radio Flyer scooter 3 years ago for my stepdaughter. Gender neutral, adjustable and durable. She still enjoys it but when she's done with it, it will pass down to my boys which makes all of us happy. Good luck.

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answers from San Francisco on

We bought the basic one, I think. It's a Razor scooter with adjustable handles, but other than that, there's nothing special about it. My 8 year old has used that thing every day for a few years now, and it keeps on going!

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answers from Detroit on

I'm not a huge fan of the razor scooters. They don't seem to hold up very well. I did buy flicker scooters from toys r us this summer and they were a HUGE hit! The neighborhood kids were lining up to ride them, including the teenagers. They are self propelled scooters. You wiggle to make them go.
I rode them myself and it takes a minute to get the hang of it, but you can do so much more with them.

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answers from Portland on

My grandchildren are now 10 and 13. The 10 yo does ride his scooter from time to time but not anywhere close to the hours he rode it a year ago. His sister never rides hers. My granddaughter is 13 and still on her first scooter. I paid around $40 for each scooter. My grandson is h*** o* toys. I bought him two scooters at around $40 each. I did shop for sales.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Yeah... like Mamazita said.. I wouldn't count on any scooter purchase lasting that long. I don't know how old your kids are, and I don't need to know. A year or two, max, is the most you'll get out of them... unless they have moments where they "regress" and pull out old kiddie stuff later on. In such cases as that, it will last a few hours (maybe a day or two?) and then they'll be completely done forever.

Totally not something to invest too much $ or debate over which model.

Our kids had pump scooters (the foot pump thing on the back) when they were younger (like ages 6 and 9 or something) and they rode them a good bit. Then they were done. And then they got electric scooters. And those have gotten quite a bit of use... but, at ages 12 and 15... those are an occasional thing, not something they can't wait to get to on the weekend. The 15 yr old is too busy concentrating on learning to drive a car (manual transmission)! And the 12 yr old is too involved with piano, and jr. beta, and Helen Ruffin, and karate, and about a half million other things to spend much time with the scooter.
If I had it to do over, we'd have never even bought hers. Son used his way more than she has ever used hers. They do a lot together, and we thought they'd ride them together (at the same time)... but they really don't.

In between all that, ripsticks and skateboards also have taken turns.

So, I just would get whatever you think they'd enjoy NOW, and not worry about the teen years... their interests will change. And even if they would like the scooters then, they won't be enthralled with ANY scooter then, and will use it just like any other toy. No more special than a bike or skate board, or whatever... a fun thing on occasion, no biggie if they didn't even have it anymore.
ETA: Ohhh... I googled the link Mamazita gave you and our kids would have LOVED one of those! They have a razor trike and it was a blast, but like all the rest, it only gets pulled out once in a blue moon anymore... and son is way too big for it. Our little nephew (he's almost 6) got on it last time he was here and now the "next generation" is loving it. http://www.google.com/search?q=razor+trike&client=saf...

But if I'd seen the turtle thing... I might have gone with that instead of the trike, back when we bought that several years back.

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answers from San Francisco on

I got my kids scooters when they were around 4 and 6. They LOVED them for a few months and then they were done, left in the garage barely to be touched again.
I'm just saying, it's likely not going to be a long term investment, so whatever you decide, don't break the bank!
They actually played with this a LOT more:
Read the reviews, they speak volumes. Every kid who has ever come over to our house has loved this toy. So much so that I keep it out, for the younger cousins when they come over! It's expensive but we've had it for at least 15 years and it's still in excellent shape, very durable.

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