Which Potty Should I Buy?

Updated on August 19, 2008
G.L. asks from Bothell, WA
7 answers

I'm thinking on buying my 17 month old daughter a potty. She is starting to let me know that she just went pee and the other day she told me she had to poop before she actually went. I have been taking her in the bathroom with me and showing her all the steps of going to the bathroom so I think she's ready to start practicing on her own little potty. I started looking online and there are so many different kinds to choose from so I don't know which one to purchase. Please let me know which potty worked for you.

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answers from San Diego on

Honestly, after having just gone though it, I wouldn't even do a little potty chair. I would get a big potty seat topper. The baby bjorn was rated for most comfort etc we have no complaints about it.
The reason I suggest it is so you don't have to clean the bowl out, and also so there is no big potty frieght when you are out in public!!! I got the Baby Bjorn seat topper for around $25 and got a cheap stool at Target.
Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

I highly recommend reading The No Cry Potty Solution by Elizabeth Pantley first! It is a very informative/quick read. We didn't use a potty chair so I can't recommend one but I feel so strongly about this book that I wanted to at least recommend it.

Best wishes,



answers from Honolulu on

We used a potty chair. The Baby Bjorn one. My daughter really liked it and helped pick it out. My son has also taken to it well. We bought 2-3 and put one in each bathroom. That's the neat thing about a potty chair... you can put it anywhere since it's portable, and keep it close by.

Or, you can use a toilet seat ring. It's up to you. If using a toilet seat ring, get a stool step so they can get up on the toilet themselves.

We used both actually. By daughter would use both.
Main thing is that they like it. Each child is different.
But many of the other styles are "cute"...but I found, at least with my daughter, they will only use it if they "like" it. I trained my daughter at 2 years old...so by this time she could "assist" and express which one she "liked" out of the ones which I thought were best.

Being in daycare, many will usually potty train too. So that will be great... and perhaps accelerate the process or at least reinforce the training that are doing. It did for my friend's son and daughter.

It will be an up and down process in terms of perfection. But that's fine. They don't have total bladder control yet...but can and do potty train. Each child will have their own pacing... and levels of cooperation or completion. Main thing is don't pressure them.

Good luck!



answers from San Diego on

We used the "Potty Scotty" (they have a pink "Potty Patty" for girls) from www.pottytrainingconcepts.com . I wouldn't say it was the best, but it worked fine for us, and it was pretty affordable. When you dump the contents into the toilet, there is usually a bit of liquid that runs down the outside, but I just kept clorox wipes handy and I cleaned the entire chair after each use (only took a couple of seconds).

We also use the flip-up toilet seats that you can attach to your regular toilet seat - adults and children can use the same toilet without having an extra child's seat hanging around, you just flip it up! I love those and my son has been fine with them (they don't "slip" around like another seat did, and that made him nervous). My son was able to get up to the seat using a stool and we were able to put the potty chair away within a couple of months of potty training.

One thing I HIGHLY recommend is a little folding portable "toilet" that is on that same website. I detest public bathrooms, especially now with little hands that want to touch everything. With this, you just unfold it, attach a bag, then tie up the bag and throw it away when your child is done. It is very compact, inexpensive, and my son loves it. He likes to go standing up more often now, so we don't need it as much, but I would definitely want to use this with a little girl.

Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

the simpler the better!
I have on that is two pieces of molded plastic. one is the bowl, the rest holds the bowl in place. there are a few out there but baby born was my favorite:


Not just keeps your child's mind on task they are also much easier to clean than ones that have lids make music or whatever else it may be. ( my cleaning routine: put in your bathtub, spray down with a light bleach water mixture and then shower it off with very hot water.)

Potty training can be super frustrating. It is one of the only things your child has 100% control and you got none! There is NO way to make a child go potty if she does not want to go.

The most important thing is to stay positive, and go only neutral if your child has an accident or does something you do not approve of. Do your best not to shout or discipline. The less fuss you make the easier and faster potty training will be!
good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

I read a potty training book before I started with my daughter. The book recommended that if your child is comfortable with the "big potty," then a potty topper is sufficient. However, if your child has anxiety about the "big potty," then a potty chair is better. I took this advice, and got the potty topper b/c my little one loved the "big potty." It was SOOOO nice not having to empty or clean up anything after she did her business. She was potty trained in 4 days! No night accidents or anything! She had just turned two when we decided to potty train, and it was her decision. It sounds like your little one is definitely ready. Good Luck!



answers from San Diego on

hi G., first i want to say good job for not waitng until she is 2 or 3 to start, The potty chair that my little daycare child uses is really cool, there is a lever to push that sounds like a real toilet, and the it says all done, I'm not sure who makes it, but it has pooh bear and his friends on the back rest. My kids all stared waking up dry at 17 months old, and were all trained before 2. If I can give you some advice, I had a see through jar and I filled it with M & M'S and sat it on the wall unti, and I let my kids sit on the potty in the living room and first, and each time they used the potty I have them a cople m & M's and if they pooped in the potty, I gave them like 4 m&m's all trainings take reward and discipline. Good Luck. J.

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