Which Is Good Cloth/cover Diaper for Newborn?

Updated on February 28, 2008
C.L. asks from Dedham, MA
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I start use cloth diaper on my son (now 2 yrs) when he was 1 yr old. The brand of pocket diapers I use on him is BumGenius (one size), Fuzzi Bunz and Rumpster (all in one, organic hemp). Now I am pregnant with 2nd baby and am looking to buy cloth diaper and I am not sure which is good cloth diaper for newborn? Fitted? some suggest to not use pocket diaper for newborn. any suggest? so far I have been eyeing on kissaluv fitted and swaddlebee organic velour. any other good diaper that you can suggest me to try? AND which is good diaper cover that goes with fitted diaper :o)

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So What Happened?

many thanks.. i am going research more. am more of alike go combo mix. some of CPF, some of fitted such as kissaluv and swddlebee organic with bummis super whisper cover or thriste cover and yes some of prorap cover since it s perfect for newborn?

any better advice, share with me! :o)

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answers from Hartford on

I used the Kissaluvs size O and they were the best fit. I bought the starter package which included two diaper covers. I tended to use the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap covers in S which I liked better as diaper covers.

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answers from Providence on

I used exclusively Cloth diapers with my daughter. At age 16 months, she was out of diapers because we did Elimination Communication too with her.
I like it better, she never had rashes. As far as which are best, I prefered the prefolds but I know my husband liked the fitted too.

I had found a great web site www.diapersafari.com, the owner is great, she is profesional and offers great advice. It is really up to you to decide what you like best. I bought a few of various ones to see which one i liked.

YOu may also want to see if there are any diaper swap groups around your area so you can buy used diapers for cheaper and you are not waisting money. I bought a lot of them that way and saved a ton of money.

Good luck!

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answers from Boston on

Bummi Whisper Wraps are what I use.

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answers from Richmond on

I love wool wraps for covers, but they can be expensive. I came across an idea for inexpensive (nearly free) ones when I was expecting my youngest. Take an old wool sweater (from your closet or from a thrift store) and intentionally shrink it (called felting) by washing it in hot water & then drying it in the dryer. Lay it out & either use a favorite cloth or a pattern offline (google free cloth diaper patterns) trace & cut it out. You could put some stitching around the edge for decoration, but it doesn't need to be sewn, the fabric won't fray after felting. I made 4 newborn size from one sweater, with smalls or medium diapers you can get 2-3 from each sweater. I use them as outer wraps with prefolds and fitted diapers, with a "snappi" to hold it closed.

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answers from New London on

I also didn't start cloth diapering until my daughter was a little older, but I know other moms who stated in just prefolds. I would think with the amount that you have to change a newborn that prefolds would be the most economical and versatile way. I use prefolds along with pocket diapers, but try to save the pocket diapers for when we will be out of the house for a while or while she naps. I have a prorap cover that I love, but I also have bumkins, and imse vimse covers. I like the way the prorap fits the best because it is stretchy enough to not cause any marks or have any areas of tightness, but covers the prefold completely without anything hanging out.

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answers from Boston on

i like chinese prefolds for newborns. pocket diapers not so good for newborns. if you get fitted diapers, i like under the nile for newborns.

have you looked at affordablediapers.com ? that is a great website, especially for covers. many things on there are made by moms, too.

also, do you know about making your own baby wipes ? might as well eliminate all the garbage, while you are at it!

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answers from Boston on

Hi C.,

I don't have the answer to your question but I do have a solution. Joanne Sarkar of Zannadu.com does cloth diaper information parties.
She'll come to your home or have a diaper party somewhere (and you can come on by and drop in) and give you all the information you need on all the cloth diapers that are out there. It's very easy to get confused as there are so many out there.

Good Luck,

E. P.

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answers from Burlington on

I absolutely loved using kissaluvs with my first. I used either bummi super whisper wraps, proraps, sugar peas fleece covers and cot'n'wraps (used others but those were my favorites). Now with my second daughter I make my own and my husband asked me to make AIO's (all in ones) to make changes a bit quicker for him. I really like the ones I've come up with. If you want information on them or have general cloth diaper questions please let me know. I make and sell a few types of diapers. ([email protected]____.com)

Best wishes!

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answers from Pittsfield on

I didn't start using cloth until my son was about four months old, and by then we did will with the medium-sized Fuzzi Bunz. That said, I think the most positive newborn reviews that I've heard from my friends were for the kissaluvs.

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