Which Is better--BOB or Baby Jogger??

Updated on August 21, 2006
K.M. asks from North Richland Hills, TX
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I am looking into purchasing a quality baby jogger to get back into running. Before my 10 week old son was born, I was up to 30+ miles a week and running in several marathons or half marathons. I am really missing my long weekend runs....I hear great things about both the BOB running strollers & the official Baby Joggers, but if I am going to spend $300+ I want to make sure I get the jogger that works best for me. Does anyone know about them to compare the two? His car seat would be compatible for either one. Thanks!!

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answers from Dallas on

I have a BOB and I've never used a Baby Jogger, so I can't really compare the two, but I thought I'd pass along my thoughts about my BOB (in case they might be helpful). I got my BOB in May when my daughter was 5 mo old, so I don't have any experience running with it with the car seat in it. I had read lots about not running with babies until they were 6 mo old and had not heard about being able to do so with the car seat in it, so I was waiting... I've heard mixed reviews since about the safety of running with them in the car seat, though.

Things I like about the bob: The sun visor/shade comes down very far for good coverage (unless you are running in the early or late, then I'm not sure there is any shade that would work). On the other hand, when fully deployed it acts as a parachute! In my first post-partum race, it was fairly windy and when I turned into the wind, it was very noticeable. However, unless they put in "gills" somewhere, I not sure how they would improve this.

It is very balanced and is easy to manuever (once you get the hang of it - this was new for me, but it's easy to catch on). It is actually easier to manuever at speed than it is when just jogging.

At first I thought the handle bar was too low and it is not adjustable (I'm 5'10"), but after I realized that I was just hunching my shoulders and tried to relax and I now find that the handle bar height is fine. It does seem like this should be an adjustable feature, however. My husband is 6' and says the height is just fine for him, too.

The hand brake is use for the left hand, so I guess they assume that if you are pushing with only one hand, it will always be the left, but I haven't found this to be an issue. I switch hands easily and haven't really had to use the brake unless stopped anyway.

It folds up and opens up extremely easily. It fits in the back of my Escape with plenty of room a small ice chest, my bag and the diaper bag.

The bottom cargo area is great... I put my keys and water bottles in there while I'm running and at my race, I put my race t-shirt in there as well.

I think that's about it... other than I would like to get the rain sheild for it because I really like to run in the rain. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



answers from Dallas on

Well I can't suggest which stroller works best. I found using my money on a baby sitter was the best choice - but eventually I bought a cheaper model (double) from Babies are us and used that ocassionaly too (still do, even though they weigh 120+ lbs together with the stroller)

I did want to introduce you to http://www.seemommyrun.com as well.

Plus I also run with this group: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/arlington_striders/ (without my kids) one night a week

Best of luck to you - I also run about 30 mpw, and have been active my whole life.



answers from Dallas on

Just wanted to mention to please be careful with the Texas heat...even our children who are almost 2 now get overheated outside in our baby joggger pretty easily. I restrict myself to early morning runs and I'm careful on bad ozone days. Make sure they have something to stay hydrated. :-)

Best wishes!



answers from Dallas on

I can't say that I can really compare a BOB to a Baby Jogger, but we have the BOB and absolutely LOVE it!!! My husband is a big exercise nut, and he'll take it running off trails and it is still so smooth for our daughter. Our friends have a regular jogger and she has kicked herself for not getting a BOB like ours. We never used ours with a car seat, but I can imagine it would be great. The shocks on the BOB are really good. We have people stopping us all the time asking us about it. I would get the BOB, you won't be disappointed.



answers from Dallas on

Like several of your responders, I have the BOB Ironman and love it. We were able to get it at a discount off joggingstrollers.com with free shipping. They have great reviews that may help you compare it to the other strollers. The canopy has a window in it so you can see your baby as you're jogging. I would also recommend the optional drink holder; it's a lifesaver to have water, etc with you and the baby. The only flaw we found was the paperwork says it will fit a six week old, whereas our baby didn't fit until she was, I think, four or six months old. We love it and it holds up to 70 lbs. Good luck!



answers from Dallas on

Once apon a child has alot of baby joggers. The one in garland. I hope this helps



answers from Dallas on

I have several strollers, and can tell you that my jogger is by far the most comfortable to use because I am tall. However, each one is different, so I would suggest buying one at a place you can try it out first. If you are trying to save a little, try a place that sells used sports equipment, like play it again sports. I got mine there and it was brand new. The guy said tons of people buy them at the first of the year, intended on exercising, and never take them out of the box. There are also a few consignment sales coming up, like Just Between Friends and Moms Exchange, you might find a great one there. Don't spend too much - you'll be wanting a double one in a few years!!! :)

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