Which Hospital Is the Best in OC for Baby Delivery?

Updated on November 19, 2010
M.K. asks from Anaheim, CA
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I head that the best hospital to deliver a baby is HOAG, but I personally would like to deliver mine close to my house and St. Joseph is a lot closer than Hoag NB or Irvine. Or any other hospital that you would recommend? Any pros and cons of a place would be really appreciated. Thanks!

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I had our son at the Newport Beach Hoag and it is a gorgeous hospital. It truly is like staying in a resort. You'll get a beautiful view of the bay, an awesome nursing staff, delicious food, and plenty of room for your husband/significant other/relative to sleep/visit. Given I was there for 5 days, I'd say it was a very good experience.
The only thing that I have heard that's negative is that they are really into c-sections. Almost every person I know that has delivered there had a c-section, which is quite a few, myself included.
I few of my friends have delivered at St. Joseph and had a terrific experience there, so I really think it's what your preference is.

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St. Jude if Fullerton is absolutely wonderful! I had my daughter via c-section there and I loved it. It's great because after she was born they checked her out and then we recovered in the same room so she was never away from me. I had my son at Anaheim Memorial and I didn't get to see him until 4 hours after I had him so it was nice to be able to see my baby right away. They also offer taking the baby to the nursery at night so Mommy can rest some. The nurses were great and every room is private which was really important to me. Good Luck in your decision!



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I have heard good things about St Joseph, and it's nice because you are right next to CHOC if something goes wrong.

I just delivered at Saddleback and had a great experience. I would highly recommend it.

I have heard mixed things about Hoag, actually. The rooms and the view are great, but they are SO pro breastfeeding and pro bonding that they aren't very nice if you want your baby to spend a little time in the nursery or if you choose to bottle feed. Saddleback actually encouraged us to put our baby in the nursery one night so we could get more sleep.

Saddleback has lots of outside food options for your husband; Hoag does not.

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M., Delivered both my daughters at St. Joseph's and loved it there sooooo much! An amazing facility all around, and the people were really wonderful. I lived in Irvine at the time, and didn't mind the drive because I loved it there so much. Best of luck to you! B.



answers from Los Angeles on

People like Hoag because it is fancy.

St jude now has all private rooms.

St Joe's is connected to CHOC, so if your baby has any problems that is the best place to already be. and since it is close to your house...That is where i would go.



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I have had 3 kids at different hospitals. The first was St. Josephs in Orange (LOVED IT!...and I have a girlfriend who works there and had her two kids there!) The second was Kaiser anaheim (Would not reccommend them to ANYONE!) and the third was Irvine Regional Sand Canyon (LOVED them too!)

St. Joe's was 10 years ago and at that time they didn't have private rooms so Hubby couldn't stay. Not sure if they have changed much since then (never got the chance to visit my friend when she had her babies) They were good to us and that's what mattered to me. :)


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I had both my kids at Saddleback. The rooms are all private. The Laguna Hills mall is across the street so if you forgot anything hubby or a friend can go across the street for you. Mother's Market is in walking distance and several resturants. If you want hubby to stay that is fine. If you want a rocking chair they will bring you one. They will offer to take the baby to the nursery for the night for however you would like. They bring him back to nurse if you want or give a bottle so that you can sleep longer; your last chance for a good night's sleep. My 2yr old was able to come in to see his new sister during visiting hours. (Rules may change during flu season.)

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