Which Convertible Seat Would You Recommend and Why?

Updated on May 27, 2011
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
13 answers

I am looking for inputs on these convertible seats. Anybody used them and have any recommendations?

Graco My Ride 65 Convertible Car Seat
Evenflo Momentum 65
The First Years True Fit Convertible Car Seat

I did look at Britax marathon and I felt these other seats have almost all those safety features for a better price. Also it's huge and doesn't have cup holder.Anybody else felt the same??

Could you please advice on the above mentioned carseats. I really liked the Graco - compact and has 2 cup holders(I don't know if my son will use the cup holders but it sounds like a good thing to have - Please let me know if you love having cupholder in your carseat or you wished you had one) Evenflo was good too. I didn't see many differences compared to the Graco - other than cup holder. I heard Evenflo is rated higher compared to Graco models. Is it true?

I didn't get a chance to look at the True fit convertible at the store.I don't think BRU had that one. But I have read very good reviews for this one, so I am considering that one as well.

Thanks in advance mamas!!

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answers from Milwaukee on

I really like the Graco MyRide - so much that I just bought another one for my 4month old to see if she would like it better than the bucket (she does). They are very safe, girls look very comfortable (both tolerate long car rides well in these and never did in buckets). I've had my first in one for 2 years and didnt even consider buying another brand/model when I went to buy another one for my second last month.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I went with the one you ruled out the Britax 70, to replace the britax Boulevard that was in our car accident ...car was tottalled she was the only one ok.....we purchased the britax cup holders that connect to it for that reason...that was her only requirement...she loves the seat!

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answers from Seattle on

Sorry, I will only buy the Britax Marathon. Spectacular safety ratings and ease of use. Additionally, we were in a fataility accident with one and my daughter was uninjured. That's enough for M. to trust it!

I hope "MegandOllie" replies to this, she has a lot of good advice about carseats, she used to sell them. There are really good deals on albeebaby.com or new in box on ebay.

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answers from Davenport on

We have 2 Britax seats, the Boulevard,convertible - can face rear or front, which has no cupholder (that is the ONLY complaint I have about that seat) but I found an attachement aftermarket one that works...and the Frontier 85 which is a front facing only 5 point to Belt Positioning booster, has 2 great cupholders. That is in our main vehicle for the kids, we take about 4 trips a year that are 10-14 hours in the car, each way, so it was important ot M. to have very safe seats and ones that are very comfortable for the kids. Those are the ones we settles on, and when my little guy outgrows the Boulevard, we will be getting him another Frontier 85, like my Big girl's, she LOVES it. Those will be our last 2 seats, as they will hold the kids up to 85 pounds, which is GREAT ( I think I was 85 pounds in like 5th grade, LOL!)! Another benefit to the Britax convertible is being able to adjust strap/headrest height without re-threading straps or even taking the seat out of the car, and the Frontier is similar. They are more expensive, but they are better built, more comfy for the kdis if you are ever going to be doing long road trips, and easier to install ( I love Britax latch connectors, they have a button like a real seatbelt, rather than the hook style Graco and most others have, which can be hard to hook and unhook) and easy-adjust for height as the kids get bigger, also usually have higher weight limist for allt he different positions, so you will be able to rear face longer if desired, and then in the booster, you will be able to use 5 point longer, use LATCH attachement longer, and use the booster longer in general.

In our other car, and when they were littler, we had a Graco infant seat, and still have a Graco Comfort Sport convertible, plus a Cosco 5 point to belt positioning booster. The kids only ever ride in that car for short jaunts to the store, or church, so butt padding/comfort is not as important...they have much less padding under the covers, just hard plastic covered by a little batting and fabric quilted.

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answers from Lincoln on

I bought the Graco 65. I did a lot of research as well before buying. My daughter is very tall for her age, so I needed something that would last her awhile. The Graco seemed to be the only one that had a high enough back to allow her to stay in it until she was ready for the high back booster. It is a bit on the bigger side, but it fits fine in our SUV. Easy to take in and out of the vehicle and stays in place nice. It also has the leveler on the side of it for when they still face backward. That is a nice feature so you know that they are positioned properly. I have always bought Graco products, and always been satisfied. We use the cupholders all the time. Whether for drinks or toys, they are a nice feature. The seat cover is also easy to wash, and seems to be very durable. I bought this seat when my daughter was about 7 months old and did not fit in the infant carrier. She is now 2 and has been happy in it ever since. Her legs are comfortable, and she has enough room to pull her legs up to nap. She really loves her seat. I also looked at the fact that it can hold up to 65 pounds. That is important for those that might have older children. It has good safety reports as well. Good luck.



answers from New York on

We have the Evenflo Symphony and love it! It had all of the features of the Britax, plus it goes up to 65 pounds AND was cheaper! It's great and it fits in my SUV as well as my husband's sporty coupe.



answers from Des Moines on

we actually use a Cosco Scenera for our kids. They are convertible, so they start as rear-facing and then turn around for front-facing. we bought ours for about $50 each at Kmart. We've never had any problems, they are easy to install and adjust, and the covers come off so you can wash them in the washer. they also come with a cupholder that clips onto the side of the seat.


answers from Kansas City on

We have 2 Graco My Ride 65's. My almost 3.5 year old son is in one and my daughter is still rear facing in hers- she will be 2 in June.

We also looked at the Britax Boulevard 70's which I was pretty set on but after seeing them in person I decided to save $400 and get the Graco My Ride 65.

They are pretty bulky. My 3 year old sits up so far that his feet are always kicking the back of the seat in front of him. When I say far I mean there is a good distance between the back of our car seat and where his seat actually begins, there is alot of plastic in between. He is up really high too which means the person in front of him is likley getting kicked in the shoulders :)

Regardless I love the seats. I feel like my kids are very safe in them and we will be using my son's for our next baby. He will be outgrowing it soon- he is very tall and the shoulder straps are getting tight on the highest setting. Other than that he loves his seat. I think I will end up buying him a Radian or Britax when he is about 4 years old because I want to keep him harnessed.



answers from Minneapolis on

I just looked at consumer reports and the Evenflo is ranked highest. We had the Evenflo convertables for both our kids. I loved how easy it was to ajust the straps. I bought a cup/snack holder at BRU to attach to the seat and that worked fine. I now have Graco booster seats that my kids both love. Big thing is to test the seat in your car before you buy it (BRU lets you do that).



answers from Naples on

I wouldn't recommend a convertible seat and here is why. Go to To YouTube, search "5 pt carseat" and watch the first video posted by the kcmillerfamily. I tried to copy and paste the link but my iPad won't let M., sorry! Seriously take a minute and watch the video though! Your child's safety depends on it!



answers from Milwaukee on

I just purchased the Evenflo Symphony 65 e3 convertible seat and I love it! All of my kids seats have come with cup holders and I've never even put them on!



answers from Appleton on

We have Evenflo Chase for each of our boys. They came with cup holders, but neither boy uses one. In fact, they have made sure the holder is not on their seat. They don't seem to like having armrests either. I think these add-ons are more selling points for parents.

These seats are much cheaper than other seats, which was NOT why we bought them. Just a bonus! We love them! Available at Walmart or Target.



answers from Tampa on

I researched this a lot before making a decision and got 2 First Years True Fit car seats, 1 for each of our cars. The ratings are great both safety and features, and the price is the best by far. We've been using them for almost a year and love them. They are easy to use, easy to clean, baby loves riding in them. I bought mine through Amazon - best price I could find.

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