Which Akron Hospital Would You Choose for Delivery?

Updated on November 09, 2009
L.B. asks from Stow, OH
5 answers

I am due next month with my first child and I am trying to decide between Akron City and Akron General hospital for my delivery. Both my insurance and OB practice goes to either hospital. Can anyone tell me which hospital you would recommend and why? Thanks for you help in advance!

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answers from Cleveland on

L., you're going to hear pros for each :) I chose City because of their nursery security - period. They were sooooo nice! I was a bit scared because I had never been a patient in a hospital since I WAS BORN! My husband could come and go at any time of the day or night. The nurses were great. The food is OUT OF THIS WORLD! You order from a restaurant menu :) I tried to get the water tub, but it's first come-first served. GREAT people. GREAT experience.



answers from Cleveland on

I had both my children at Akron General and would highly recommend it. The nurses are wonderful, the food is great and I didn't see anything wrong with the security. My baby stayed in the room with me 95% of the time (my choice) and when the baby did have to go to the nursery they always checked the wristband, even when they brought the baby back to my room.



answers from Cleveland on

I've had all 4 of mine at Barberton... so I don't have frist hand expericance at either of the Akron hospitals. But I do know that my sister was treated very kindly at city & when I went to visit her they were very kind to me also. I had only been home with my youngest son for about 2 weeks and they wanted to treat me like a patient as well. We laughed saying if I would have brought my boy they wouldn't have let me leave with him.

I did see that the security was extream - but great. I think I had to go through 2 check points to get to the floor to see her & the baby had to wear an alarm (City put an alarm band on her foot). At Barberton they also use the alarm "keys", but they are attached to the babies belly button. So the foot does make it a little easier for changing the baby - but it keep falling off. If City's works the same as Barberton... when a baby gets to close to an exit, it sets off an alarm and locks down the floor. The nurses much check to see babies are all secure and then release the alarm and notice security that all is clear.

My sister never compained about her stay at the hospital or her c-section. She said she was well cared for and even her picky eater liked eating lunch with her & the food. Most hospitals do let you choose what and how much you want to eat when you are on that floor. I use to get enough to share a little with my 2 & 4 yr olds when I knew they would be around at lunch or dinner time... no one ever said anything to be about it. Actually, they though it was nice of me to invaulve them so much... since a new one would take some much time & attention.

I was going to choose a new hospital with my last, but my doc is a resident doc at Barberton & his office is attached to the hospital. So, I choose to stick with Barberton for the forth also.

Good luck on your choose! But most of all congratz on the little one.


answers from Cleveland on

Hi L.. Congrats on your pregnancy! I was supposed to deliver at Akron General but when my OB called over to tell them we were on our way they said the maternity ward was closed because they were full. So, I had to go to City because she wanted to induce me that day (I was almost 3 weeks late). I had heard horror stories about City and was scared to death but I have to tell you - I would deliver there again in a heartbeat! I had the best nurses. I LOVED their security measures and really felt that my baby was safe although he rarely left my sight. I was just very surprised by the care and treatment we received. I am planning on having my next child there if we are blessed with another.

I don't have anything negative to say about General but I would highly question their security measures. I have been down the maternity hallway and the doors were wide open with babies right there. Not sure what unit it was but anyone could have just walked in. I'm sure it was a fluke but I would just want to clarify their procedures and precautions for keeping newborns safe.

Best of wishes to you for a safe and healthy delivery and baby!!



answers from Cleveland on

I agree with the two ladies below! I just had Finn July 31st. I was at Akron City for 3 days-just delivering and then 3 more afterwards. All of the nurse for delivery were wonderful ( i went through 5 of them for the duration of my stay ), the OB residents were extremely nice, well educated & knowledgeable! The Postpartum stay was even better. I highly recommend working with Sue & Gail. They were so sweet, smart and if you are breastfeeding every helpful and supportive. Tell them Jesse & J. (and FInn) Clanton sent you. I am actually excited to have another baby there!
And the food, THE FOOD. It is amazing. You can order as much or little as you want, pretty much whenever you want throughout the day.

Good Luck!

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