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Updated on April 01, 2008
S.B. asks from Lacey, WA
5 answers

Mamas, we are putting our house on the market and I was wondering where you would look if you were in the market to buy a house? Is there a specific website you look at? I'm just wondering what the best way to market our house is. We already have a realtor, and I know they will do a great job, but we're looking for a quick sale and I want to get it out there as much as possible! Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks, Mamas!!!

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answers from Dallas on

I like ziprealty.com much better than realtor.com. Trulia seems to have some dated info, a lot of the houses I've found on there are off the market but they still have them listed.



answers from Dallas on

Most people start their search at Realtor.com since it has the most reliable and accurate data. Of course the data comes from what your realtor inputs into MLS so make sure he/she has good info.

Have an open house soon and also find out from your realtor if her office or realtor association has an MLS tour. I know for a fact that the Greater Lewisville Association of Realtors does. It's a home tour that the realtors can take other realtors to their listings to get the word out.

Good luck!!



answers from Oklahoma City on

i second the realtor.com



answers from Dallas on

Another site that I look at is trulia.com
I hear that it is very pretty up there. Good luck.
H. M.



answers from Dallas on

A couple of ideas for you...Make sure you have flyers of your house attached to the sign in your yard so people who just happen to be driving or walking by can see what you are offering for the money. A

lso, I used to work as an Escrow Assistant in a title company a few years ago. We had more than a few steady customers who were investors. They closed on investment properties all the time. Make sure all the title companies in your area have a copy or two of your house flyer. Ask them to give them to investors.

Lastly, make sure you've told all your friends and neighbors your price, what improvements you have done, etc. Talk it up constantly. Good Luck!

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