Where Was Your Favorite Place to Stay at Walt Disney World

Updated on November 17, 2011
K.M. asks from Frisco, TX
6 answers

Where is your favorite place to stay (with kids) if you are planning to visit Walt Disney World? Would love your feedback on hotels/onsite hotels and attractions that truly won you over.

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answers from Dallas on

Animal Kingdom Lodge because our daughter is younger and we would go to the parks during the day and then go back to the hotel in the afternoon. She would get a nap and then could sit on the balcony and watch the animals on the savanna. Loved it! We always get a villa so we have a washer and dryer in the room and a full size kitchen.

The attractions all depend on the age of the kids. If you want character experiences, you need to book them before you go. We really liked the dinner with Cinderella and her step sisters, the breakfast with Mickey at Ohanna, and the breakfast with Donald at Tusker House.

We really enjoy Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot. I can't say the studios park was all that interesting and the breakfast/lunch there with the Disney Jr characters is awful!

Downtown Disney we had my daughter dressed up like a princess. This was overrated! She loved the outfit, but they put make up on my 4 year old and they only have certain hair styles they do that look awful. Best bet is to buy the outfit, put it on, and have the fair godmother at the desk sprinkle her with pixie dust. Much better idea for next time!!!

Loved the night shows at MK! Well worth the stay! Would liked to have seen the one at epcot. You have to make reservations for this show and it is supposed to be spectacular!

There are photographers in the park that will take pictures for you and have special effects and signatures that are really cute. Your best bet for park photopass purchase...
1. Sign up for a Disney Chase visa card
2. Use the card to purchase your trip (6 months no interest)
3. With the points earned for your trip purchase, pre-purchase the Disney Photopass CD (unlimited photos - http://www.wdwinfo.com/wdwinfo/digital-photos.htm)
4. At epcot, you get a special photo op with characters no one else sees
5. Tell all photographers you pre-ordered the CD because they will take extra photos
6. When you get home, make edits to your photos to include special effects like characters and frames
7. order CD with code from pre-purchase

By doing this, I got over 250 photos of our family for $60 that I can print anywhere.

Ok... I could go on and on. If you have specific questions, send me a message. :)

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answers from Houston on

For those who have been several times this is a no brainer, but our first visit was last year and we stayed at the All Star Resorts. HUGE MISTAKE! We were trying to save a little money, which we did, but it was NOT worth the headache. Literally a nightmare, the 3 All Star Resorts are like a big Super 8 with a Disney sticker slapped on them. Just my 2 cents, Good Luck!

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I liked the Dolphin and the Swan...but a little too corporate for me. The Beach Club (I think that's what it was) was very nice. I also liked the giant Marriott and got around via cab. Not on Disney property but very convenient and my daughter loved it.

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answers from Dallas on

We won't stay anywhere but the Polynesian. LOVE that place. I could stay there and never even go to one of the parks.

They are pricey, but worth it, on the monorail line (great is you have little ones), also the option to use the boat taxi to MK. Boat taxi stops at Polynesian and Grand Floridian (GF is very nice too), perfect setting to watch the fireworks nightly, luau is entertaining as well.

We've also stayed in the Concerige building of Polynesian, and you get a lot of perks with that... food and drink is out all the time for you, we got a private safari in Animal Kingdom which was unbelievable.


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answers from Austin on

The Dolphin. We were close to catching all of the transportation and the pool was great and never crowded.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I have only ever stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter and loved it. It's not super crowded, the busses come frequently, the pool is great.

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