Where to Vacation in Colorado with Kids 10 and 7 Yrs Old

Updated on January 17, 2011
C.K. asks from Blue Springs, MO
4 answers

We haven't really skied before but we might give it a try, would also like somewhere that we could sled, ice skate, sleigh ride, and maybe even snowmobile. Anyone have any suggestions on the best place to go that offers some or most of these activities and where to stay and any other helpful info would be great.

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answers from Wichita on

Keystone, CO is an awesome place for family vacations. We go there every year, usually in the fall since our kids are still too little for skiing. My hubby and I have been skiing and ice skating and tubing there before too. It's a very nice resort.



answers from Dallas on

I would recommend Breckenridge. It is very family friendly. We have gone dog sledding, ice skating and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. They also had opportunities for sleigh rides and snow mobiles. Our daughter took ski lessons and had a blast. We stayed at a Hilton time share. It is a great place to visit in the winter or in the summer!



answers from Kansas City on

im not sure where to stay, but i know where not to stay!! do NOT go camping in pike national forrest (in any time of the ear) with out bringing your own water supply and toilet and shower! if you go camping at all, plan on about $40 a night for tent camping, even in the state parks!

last summer we went to colorado, hiked barr trail to barr camp, and then went off trail on the way back down (btw, barr camp has the best pancakes in the entire world-neil's power pike's peak pancakes!) Not sure how the conditions are for hiking, but it was tons of fun, found beautiful water falls, creeks, and amazing views!

manatou springs was fun to walk around and sample water from all of the springs, and garden of gods was awesome, im sure it would be great in the winter. you should also go to seven falls. its beautiful!


answers from Austin on

we had a blast with our 5yo in Breckenridge! Most hotels there have programs set up for the kids, such as activities on the mountain as well as in the hotel like crafts, songs, stories etc. And the town is way too cute for words. There is usually snow there through March/April (it snowed through June last year!) and it has a lot of great toy shops, sleigh rides, trails, hiking, skiing is awesome, restaurants, indoor fun things. We love it.

The instructors for kids are amazing! My 5yo was skiing down the mountain (green trail of course) on her 2nd day!!!! I was a first timer, too, and my lessons were really great!

oh yeah, they do have snowmobile tours, horse back riding etc as well but we never got to that.

the bus system in town is really great too so you don't have to worry about a car/parking. it was very easy and took you to/from hotels etc.

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