Where to Take Family Vacation This Late Spring?

Updated on February 22, 2013
M.B. asks from Plainfield, IL
20 answers

I'm at a loss of where to take our 9 year old twins for a surprise vacation! We took them to Disney World last spring as a surprise.

Thought about the Grand Canyon, but not sure what else there is to do, besides the Grand Canyon and great shopping in Scottsdale! Love the ocean.

Any suggestions? We would be taking them for a week, most likely last week of May.

Thanks in advance!

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answers from Dallas on

There are fabulous deals on Disney cruises out of Galveston or Miami. I know that the Disney cruises from Galveston from now until the end of May let kids travel for free. There are crusies available for about $600 per adult.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Have you been to Yellowstone? Tons to do on the way, you can go thru the Badlands (where you can feed prarie dogs), then go see Mt Rushmore (there is also a really cool drive thru zoo in that same area), Yellowstone is awesome and connected just to the south is Grand Tetons! Message me if you have any questions! We did this trip 4 yrs ago.

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answers from Houston on

Come to Texas!

Houston - Johnson Space Center, children's museum (voted best in the country and not just for little kids), health museum, Kemah Boardwalk, Downtown Aquarium, game at the ballpark, tour Reliant Stadium, picnic at Discovery Green, best food you'll ever find, friendliest people you'll ever meet.

Down in Galveston there's the beach, Moody Gardens and Rainforest Cafe, among other things like fishing, boating.

Dallas/Grapvine has the Mesquite Rodeo, Legoland, Gaylord Hotel, Great Wolf Lodge, Cowboys Stadium, among many other things.

San Antonio - not sure where to begin here! lots of culture, activities, more historic - mission trail, Mexican cowboy rodeo, Mexican bakeries all over the place.

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answers from Minneapolis on

We are taking our 13-year-old to DC for spring break this year, primarily to visit the Smithsonian. We had a great family vacation in Charleston, SC. Lots of historical activities to do, but also great beaches and water activities. We've enjoyed San Diego and Carlsbad, CA more than once. We had a lot of fun in St. Louis and was surprised at how many things there are to do for kids. We had a great trip to South Dakota--Badlands, Rapid City, Keystone, etc. Jackson Hole, WY has a lot to do, especially if you like to be active. My kids enjoyed SD more than they enjoyed Yellowstone. They got kind of bored in Yellowstone and tired of being in the car so much. We've always wanted to go to Colorado with the kids, but haven't gotten there yet. We also have northern CA on our wish list. We have a lot to do up here in the Twin Cities, but the weather can still be unpredictable at the end of May. It won't snow, but it might be cool and wet. Or it could be 90. No oceans, but lots of lakes and rivers. One of our best family vacations ever was Hawaii, but that's a big, expensive trip. Last spring break we went to Atlantis in the Bahamas (not sure May is the best time of year weather-wise for the Bahamas). That requires passports, of course. PM if you need specific ideas for any of these locations. I love planning vacations!

P.S. The Grand Canyon with kids scares me. I know I'm probably paranoid and it's absolutely breathtaking, but I was pregnant with our 2nd and our oldest was home with grandparents when I was there and I thought, "I'm not taking my kids here until they are 18!" I know that's kind of crazy, especially since we've done many other adventurous things with our kids, but that's JMO. It doesn't help that my husband is terrified of heights.

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answers from Augusta on

what about something like Washington DC , and the Smithsonian ?
or Philadelphia , and Independence Hall .
or Colonial Williamsburg?
They are at the right age to enjoy them.

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answers from Boston on

Grand Canyon is great, national parks are great, Carlsbad Caverns is great. If you go to a beach area, be aware that college "Senior Week" goes on around then, and a lot of places are inundated with drunk college kids - so avoid the coastal areas unless you are in a family resort area. What about San Diego? There's the ocean (and it's warmer than the beautiful areas north of LA), plus the San Diego Zoo and lots of other activities. Do you have a AAA membership? There's a lot of free travel advice, arrangements, and discount tickets/coupons available. I would avoid the northeast in May - the black flies can be tough in NH although the mountains and rivers are beautiful. Also check to see if places like water parks are open then - some don't open until school is out, or only on the weekends. But museums and zoos are open all the time.

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answers from Grand Forks on

Las Vegas. Tons for kids to do and see in Vegas!

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answers from Las Vegas on

We traveled up to the Northwest last year.. LOVED IT!!! Oregon, Seattle and then Vancouver BC... In Oregon, Multnomah Falls were gorgeous and a nice hike.. Seattle.... Walked all over the city and took public transportation... (we like doing what the locals do) and in Vancouver , we stayed in Richmond since Vancouver proper had no hotels available.. turns out, was better than ever!!! We went over to Steveston and walked around, again took public transportation and saw the sights..

On a vacation, we aren't too into theme parks and prefer just exploring the inner-depths of a city... throw in a good meal and we are happy..

not sure if this is the kind of trip for you but if it is... then all three places were so GREAT, kid friendly and just so wonderful..

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answers from Washington DC on

Depends upon the amount of money you have to spend!

California has a GREAT coast for beaches...especially southern (San Diego to Los Angeles). San Diego has the Zoo, W. Animal Park, Sea World and so much more.

The Grand Canyon is great!

Shopping at the Mall of America is fun too!! :)

I would be able to answer better if I knew if you wanted to stay within the Continental U.S. and if the girls have passports....Bermuda, Atlantis, Puerto Rico....

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answers from San Francisco on

Our kids are 6,10 and 13. We live in No. California near San Francisco. Our kids' favorite vacation spot is San Diego. Beautiful beaches. I believe it is California's closest thing to Hawaiian landscape/beaches. Not really close...but closest thing.

We loved,love,loved our trip to the San Diego beaches along with a jaunt to Lego Land and Universal Studios. I couldn't believe how stoked they were at every turn at Universal Studios. It was an amazing experience...we went two days there to get it all in. They have an upgrade that we got and I think it paid off. Something like a 20 for an all you can eat dining card for each person. Eat/drink all day any time, anywhere at the places listed on the card. And it had a great variety. It really paid off for us.

During that trip we also went to the Reagan Memorial Library. It was a beautiful and historic adventure...no matter the political loyalties. ;)

We have done many San Diego vacations. Balboa Park and Sea World are fantastic also.

You will have fun no matter where you go...family time is fun time!!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

Which direction do you want to travel? The end of May is a great time to visit Jamestown and colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens in Virginia. Although the water would still be cold for swimming, Virginia Beach and Norfolk would fit nicely in the same trip I'd recommend DC for the Smithsonian, but if you're thinking around Memorial Day, it can be really crowded. I used to live near there, and I learned not to go into the city that weekend.

Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA are lovely that time of year, but I question whether they would be engaging destinations for 9 y.o. boys.

If you're outdoorsy, come to my neck of the woods. Utah is lovely in May. There may still be skiing up high near Salt Lake City (look at Alta and Snowbird), and it'll be warm in the valleys. This state is loaded with national parks. In your shoes, I'd look at Moab, UT. Arches National Park is right there, and there are great hikes to do with kids. Canyonlands is close, and there's rafting on the Colorado River (check details - there are age limits, and I'm not sure what they are). Other popular activities include hiking, fishing, and four-wheeling. There's one hiking trail not far from town where you can follow in the fossilized footprints of dinosaurs. Very cool.

I can't speak for the Grand Canyon, having never been there, but from what I've heard, your kids are probably old enough to be safe and to enjoy the experience.

Glacier and Yellowstone are brilliant, but at that time of year, you could very well end up with snow and low temperatures. It's not crowded yet, but you'll need winter clothes.

Wherever you decide to go, I hope you enjoy your vacation.

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answers from New York on

National parks IMO.

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answers from Chicago on

My favorite place to experience the ocean is San Diego - Coronado Island.

Other things to do there: Sea World, Legoland, shopping, bike riding, snorkeling, Old Town... I wish I could afford to live there ;-)

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answers from Beaumont on

How about Sandusky, Ohio-Fabulous time...OR Colorado should be perfect then? One of our fav vacations was to TN-rode rapids, went to shows, had a cabin by a stream and that in itself was a blast. Whatever you decide have a great time!

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answers from Chicago on

First ? - fly or drive? We love St. Louis and the Lake of the Ozarks area. St Louis has the zoo, Grant's farm, Great America, cave exploring on the way to the Ozarks. Lake of the Ozarks - boat tours, beaches, state parks, Osage Beach is like Wisconsin Dells. Enjoy!

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answers from Chicago on

San Diego, a cruise, or one of those all inclusive, family-friendly beach resorts (like Beaches). Lots of activities at all three. It's wonderful that you have the ability to take a great vacation. Have fun!


answers from Spokane on

Glacier National Park


answers from Washington DC on

if you're even a little outdoorsy you won't get bored at the grand canyon. i could hike there my whole life and never get tired of it. my kids were practically grown when we finally got there, but they loved it. it may not have worked to take them when they were younger, actually, as the little asshats find my height phobia to be ever so entertaining and love to push my buttons when there's a cliff nearby. my heart wouldn't have taken it.
come to the DC area! you'll be too late for the gorgeous cherry blossoms, but it will be warm and wonderful to do the smithsonian, which really is a national treasure, as well as the cathedral and all the other cool stuff. DC is really a pretty wonderful city, and i'm not a city gal by any stretch.
i'm sad i never got my kids out to yellowstone. i did a lightning-fast swing through it years ago and it has stayed in my heart ever since. spectacular. and the grand tetons aren't far from there. they're the most beautiful mountains i've every driven too quickly past.
how about florida? the MD/DE/VA beaches will probably be too cold in may, and they're insanely packed anyway. better than no ocean, but i'm not a huge fan. but i hear florida beaches are beautiful and less busy, and with beaches you really don't need anything else, do you?
:) khairete



answers from Chicago on

Myrtle beach, SC is great! Lots of fun stuff to do from amusement parks, water parks and it is so beautiful. They have a fantastic Ripleys area with a museum and house of mirrors.



answers from Chicago on

California is a great place they also have Disney Land, and so many touristic thing todo there.

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