Where to Take a 2 Year Old on Vacation?

Updated on March 10, 2008
A.H. asks from Flower Mound, TX
6 answers

We are looking for a summer vacation destination for our 2 year old.
Does anyone know of anyplace that a two-year old would enjoy.
We've looked into Sesame Place, but are not sure we want to make the trek to PA.
I would appreciate anyone's ideas!

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answers from Dallas on

The cool thing about 2 year olds they will have a good time wherever you have a good time. But SeaWorld in San Antonio would be a fun place to go. That way it is not too far and not too close. Then you can still go down to the Riverwalk and have a good meal and enjoy the sites of the city.



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Hyatt Hill County in San Antonio is a great place for two year olds. We took our daughter there last year for her second birthday. They have a lazy river you can float on and a sandy beach for them to play. You can take him down to the river walk and take a river boat ride. There is a great little children's musuem. We stayed for 4 days and had a great time. She loved it and really you don't even have to leave the hotel if you don't want to they have so much fun just being in the water, playing in the sand, playing on the playgrounds and just being around other kids. We did not go to Sea World because it was way to hot.



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At 2 he's not going to get as much out of a vacation as he will later on... like 5 and older. So I say save your $ for trips to kid parks later (Disney will cost you at least $3k, so save, save, save for later).

At two he'll have fun anywhere you take him as long as you play with him.

With that said, look for a hotel/location that's good for you and your hubby AND has kid activities/sitting.

Go to the Holiday Inn website and find hotels with kid suites, some will have kid activities too. Then pick a location that suits you and your husband.

Whatever you do, go cheap. I have 3 teens and you cannot save enough money to fill their teen-desires. Trust me!

It's not where you go, but what you do together. Playing and having fun.




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We took my daughter to South Padre Island last summer. She was 2 and had a blast. She did great on the drive there and back, there were no problems. It was a great place to take a family and we will be going back every summer. Good luck!



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Seaworld would be great for a two year old. They have a whole area dedicated to little guys. Be sure to go when it is warm outside since they have a great kid's water play area. The River Walk is pretty, but be sure to take a stroller. Most of it is not fenced.

Padre is great because there are a lot of water front properties and you can walk to the beach. Brownsville also has the Gladys Porter Zoo, which is great. We took my daughter there when she was two and had a great time.

Galveston has Moody Gardens, which includes a rain forest, an aquarium and one other pyramid. The beaches are not the prettiest, but there are lots of little shops downtown.

Colorado is great in the Summer because it is cooler. Kids like anywhere they can be outside and run around. Silverton and Ouray are very pretty. Durango has a great open park area. Again, it is a long drive to get there.

We have been taking road trips since my oldest was four weeks old and these are some of the places we have enjoyed the most.



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What about SeaWorld in San Antonio, or the new Wolf Park Lodge in Grapevine?

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