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Updated on June 06, 2011
S.C. asks from Louisville, KY
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I want to start cloth diapering my son at night, but I'm not sure where to start.

I'm overwhelmed by the choices - bamboo, fitted, waterproof, inserts .... it's like being at an all you can eat buffet with a really small plate.

My son is 16-months-old. He's about 25 pounds, but very tall and lanky. My problem is that he leaks through disposable diapers at night. So I'd like to try cloth to eliminate that.

What is the best way to start with cloth? Brands? Types? Where do I start at this all-you-can eat diaper feast?

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I have only ever used BumGenius pocket diapers for overnight. We have used the same diapers since he was around 8 pounds. (they are one size and adjust) He is now 2 years old and 28 pounds. He could grow a lot more and they would still fit. I like pocket diapers, because you can put as many inserts as needed, to make them absorbent as needed. They have held up wonderfully and we've never had a leak.

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I may be biased, but I'd recommend you start by visiting our cloth diaper store, Babies Bottoms and More. We have several different brands of each type of diaper - prefolds, fitteds, pocket, all-in-on, all-in-two. You can see and touch the diapers and ask questions of real moms who have personal cloth-diapering experience. We even have two different trial packs you can rent, one with all new diapers and another (less expensive) one that has gently used diapers. The total cost of rental comes to about $15 for 30 days. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]____.com (you can also check out our website by the same name) or call ###-###-####. We would love to help you out!


PS: Here's a post on our blog that we did that is specifically about nighttime diapering with cloth: http://babiesbottomsandmore.wordpress.com/2011/05/11/nigh...

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Yes. The wealth of choices in cloth can be overwhelming.
Pocket diapers are good. You can add more inserts for overnight. I used Fuzzybunz and some that I made. I've heard good things about BumGenius.
Although for my youngest, we used fitted and a wool or fleece cover.
Each baby is unique and what works great for one may not be the best choice for the next one. (even in the same family!)
You may need to experiment a bit to see what works. Sample the smorgasboard. www.diaperswappers.com is a good resource.



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Favorite Intro to Cloth diapering series:

For overnight cloth diapering I would use:
One BumGenius one size pocket diaper: http://www.cottonbabies.com/product_info.php?cPath=98&amp...
Stuffed with two micro terry inserts (they come with one, but you can buy extra).

Per my pm, let me know if you want to borrow one to try out. Also, if you want a more touch and feel experience, there is a cloth diaper store in Allen:
Their hours seem to only be convenient for people who work on Wednesdays but...they have a page on night time diapering and may help you fit your kidlet perfectly:http://www.nappyshoppe.com/store/index.php?main_page=page...



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Cloth is great. Definitely check out a trial. I know that a lot of people like BumGenius and FuzziBuns, but we didn't like either of them.

For nighttime we actually use a fitted pocket diaper made out of cotton flannel that has a prefold and a microfiber liner stuffed in. Then for a cover, she wears knitted wool pants. The wool is great because it can absorb up to 30% of its weight and is antibacterial or something. In the morning, I just turn her pants wrong side out to dry.

I was afraid at first that wool would be too hot (after this is Texas!) but it isn't at all, very breathable. And the pants are uber cute ;)

This is the lady that made our wool pants. When we need another pair, we are planning on using her again:




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I've used BumGenius with two kids. When my older one was a toddler I would stuff two inserts in for night time. Her butt was huge - but dry :). BG are pockets. I've also heard good things about other pockets: FuzzyBunz, Happy Heiney, Kawaii, etc. I've never used the other inserts such as hemp, bamboo or organic. Two great websites are cottonbabies.com and kellyscloset.com and both have blogs with awesome startup info and comparison posts. I would probably start with Cotton Babies as they have some great "how to" and FAQ posts.

The only thing I caution you about only doing night is that it's hard to wash only one or two diapers. You can't put them in with your regular laundry. But, you may try nights and then get hooked for day time as well - lots of people do.

Feel free to send me a message if you want to chat cloth diapers!



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I would also recommend using Bum Genius pocket diapers as an overnight diaper. We've been using them as our night diaper since my son was a few weeks old, and they're still working great now that he's almost 3. I like the fact that you can add more inserts for more coverage, and the microfiber holds a lot! The suede cloth that covers the pocket (this is the part that touches his skin) is super soft and feels dry in the morning even though the inserts are sopping wet. So he doesn't sleep with wetness against his skin all night long.

The downside (and this is why we don't use them for daytime) is that they don't have a leg gusset and therefore don't hold poops in very well. Although I know others that use this diaper and have no problem with that.

Also, if you decide to go with Bum Genius you should know that diaper cream will RUIN them. It will make them repel water and you can end up with a huge wet mess in the morning. We found out the hard way. There is an extensive "stripping" process you can do to repair the damage, but best to avoid it in the first place. If you must use diaper cream overnight (we occasionally must) then use something to line the diaper and create a barrier between the cream and the diaper. We use two flushable liners and that seems to work pretty well.

And just a general heads-up for all cloth diapers: you have to choose your detergent with care. Most name-brand, easily available detergents will cause your diapers to work poorly or not at all, due to certain chemicals in them. Bum Genius and others will all have a "recommended" detergents list. We use Allen's Naturally for all of our laundry now and love love love it.

Anyway, hope that helps, and good luck in your cloth diapering adventure!

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