Where to Sit - Disney on Ice

Updated on February 07, 2011
S.K. asks from Plano, TX
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Hello - I am wanting to get tickets to Disney on Ice and I wanted to see what other mom's thought about seating before I purchased. The way it's set up is the less expensive seats are on the longer side of the rink. Do they do a lot of stuff toward the "front" of the stage or is it ok to sit on the sides? This is my son's first time to Disney on Ice and he's been wanting to go for a very long time. I don't mind spending a little more to be toward the front, but if it's not worth it and they "work the whole rink", I would like to save the money.
Thoughts? Suggestions?

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We're going Thursday night. I bought the cheapest seats yet they look really good. I do know they don't sell all the seats the first night so I'll just "PUG" (personal upgrade) our seats once the show starts. :)

Those costumes are pretty big and colorful so I'm not to worried about not being able to see. I'm fairly sure they use the big screens too.

Be sure to check the Kraft SIngles site before buying your tickets. You can get a HUGE discount if you use the code inside a pack of Kraft Singles. WISH I KNEW THAT SOONER. I found out two days after I bought my tickets. Ugh...

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I've been to Disney on Ice twice with my daughter. Both times we sat on the longer sides of the rink and I thought they were excellent seats. We saw everything. I would say stay away from seating where it isnt elevated at all (they had seating on the floor along the rink) as I could imagine they would have a hard time seeing past other peoples heads. First year we had the first row on the first balcony and that was perfect, the second year we were on the 3rd row on the first balcony and I think it was just as good.. but I think the longer side is just fine.. they are pretty good at using the whole rink.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I've had seats on both the long side and the "front". Really, if there's no obvious obstruction, like a column or something, they were about the same, only the side seats were much cheaper, therefore a much better value. Just make sure you're not *too* close to the ice, you can see the whole rink much better if you're a bit higher up (not all the way up in the nosebleeds, just high enough to be looking kinda down on the rink as opposed to eye level with it). Word of caution: before you go, get your son a small, cheap Disney toy that he can have in his hand and carry around with him at the show, otherwise, you'll have to take out a second mortgage when you buy him a silly, plastic super-overpriced (seriously, unbelievably overpriced) Disney trinket from the many, many kiosks they'll have set up...Have fun!!



answers from Columbus on

We just went a couple weeks ago. We sat on the long sides and it was fine, but try to sit closer to the ice (bit not on the floor). We were 4 or 5 rows up and it was perfect.



answers from Dallas on

I don't think kids are thinking about whether or not they have the best seat in the house. The show on ice is like a stage show - everything points toward the front, but I think they try to keep things "center ice". So I would purchase tickets somewhere in the "front half" of the ice stage.

We went to Smurfs on Ice in 1982 and it was great! My sister had borderline chicken pox but we still went and I'll never forget it.



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We took our older children (now 16 and 11) to several Disney on Ice shows. Honestly, sitting on the "long" side is just fine . . . they are skating everywhere and I have no complaints! We are taking our 4 year old to this year's show . . . it will be her first!


answers from Charlotte on

both times ive taken my son we have sat rinkside that way theres no one in front of you

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