Where to Sell These Clothes?

Updated on June 12, 2010
S. asks from Commerce City, CO
5 answers

I have a few things I would like to get rid of, I have listed on Craigslist with no luck. I wanted to see if anyone in Colorado would know of a place I can take these clothes to sell.

I have 2 boxes of Ladies clothes, some new with tags, a lot of great clothes all in GREAT condition.
I have a pair of Harley Davidson Chaps, ladies if not new they were maybe worn once.
First Gear Leather riding jacket.
1 box full of Sweatshirt and Jackets, boys and girls about 25 of them.

Just so you know all the money made from these will be going to the Avon Breast Cancer Foundation.

Thanks in Advance for any suggestions

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answers from Denver on

I am not sure where an adult consignment store is but I know they are around. There are also many children's consignment stores around that give you the option of cash in hand or trade. My favorite consignment store is in Aurora on Mexico and Chambers called Kidz n Things. The only problem you might have is the time of year, they don't typically take winter clothes in the summer.

Good luck!

P.S. You might also see if Avon Breast Cancer has a program that takes clothes.



answers from Minneapolis on

You could try a one day garage sale. Make sure you post that the money is going to a good cause, you may even get folks who donate even if they don't buy anything.

If a garage sale isn't what you are looking for, do you guys have like Plato's Closet or things like that in your area? I don't think that they give much money myself, but maybe they pay better in your area. Also, do you have a Once Upon a Child? They buy kids clothing - but again they don't pay much. Finally, you could see if there are any consignment stores in your area.

Good luck!


answers from Little Rock on

Have a foundraising ramage sale and involve the neighbors. If u have time for something like that. Or there is also Ebay If u want I think there is a icon for raising money on the breast cancer site, I would check that out before Ebay. I think it is a great thing u r doing!!!
Thank you I have lost 2 aunts to breast cancer, 1 other aunt that is a survier and just last week my husbands cuzin lost both of her breast and only she is 36 with 2 babbies at the ages of 6 an 3. So far she is doing well!
So Thank You.!!
I have been doing the big walk in Little Rock every year since 2005.
Keep the victium in our prayers ladies, and THEY WILL SURVIVE!!



answers from Philadelphia on

Try Buffalo Exchange. 230 E. 13th Ave, near the Capitol Building in Denver. www.buffaloexchange.com. Good luck - I love that it's going for a great cause!

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