Where to Return Propane Tanks for Good?

Updated on June 19, 2010
M.C. asks from Berkeley, CA
4 answers

I am moving and have a couple of empty tanks of propane. I tried to return them at a grocery store and they said they only refill and don't take those back. I believe these tanks are too expensive to be disposable. Do you know any place that you can return them?


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answers from Miami on

I would call your local gas/propane company and ask them.
Ask your neighbors if any of them might want them.
And if no one wants them - put them out by your road and put a sign that says FREE. Trust me, someone will pick them up.

= )

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answers from Houston on

Try an actual propane company. I Googled "propane company Richardson Texas" and came up with a number of options. You might also try a scrap metal company...they may be able to recycle them.

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answers from Sacramento on

we have a neighbor who is in the propane business and we have bought and sold all sizes of propane tanks from him. as the others suggested, find a local propane company and they will more than likely buy them from you.



answers from Atlanta on


Follow the directions, enter what you need to "drop", enter zip code and it will give you the closest waste disposal in your area.

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