Where to Reasonably Advertise My Car

Updated on April 10, 2007
J.R. asks from McKinney, TX
4 answers

I am selling my SUV and have listed it on Craigslist and with the Auto Trader but am not having a lot of feedback. Do any one you know of where I can advertise it for cheap? The Dallas Morning News and some others are outrageous.

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answers from Dallas on

I just sold a Caddy Esclade 2000, had the same problems.
I drove it down to Carmax on Plano Parkway.
This SUV was clean also, they gave me a good price.
First check with Kelly Blue Book.com and you can see the prices before you sell. If you do go to CARMAX, I delt with Y J Lim a sales consultant, He was pleasent and easy to work with.
Good Luck,



answers from Dallas on

My son just listed his Jeep Cherokee on www.autotrader.com and he sold it for what he was asking and in less than a week. He was a happy camper! I don't know about the fee, but I am sure it was just a "listing" fee.

HTH, Nana



answers from Dallas on

I have had success in placing the specifics and sale price in the window along with a For Sale sign and parking the vehicle in a high traffic area. I parked mine years ago along Inwood by Highland Park High School. I left it for one weekend and a couple from DeSoto saw it and bought it the next week.

Good luck.




answers from Dallas on

You have it in the right places. Just some thoughts:
* Did you post pictures? People like pictures.
* Did you give all stats about the vehicle? Make, model, mileage, options, motor size. The more information, the better.
* Did you check your price against Edmunds True Market Value? With all the info available to buyers, they will probably know this information, so you have to be priced right.
* Try a nationwide search for your car to see what other people are asking.

Hope this helps! It may be stuff you've already thought of, but it never hurts to have reminders! Good luck!

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