Where to Leave Business Cards ???

Updated on July 15, 2008
J.K. asks from Levittown, PA
4 answers

Hi ladies,
I'm asking for your advice on this one...
Does anyone know where business cards can be left legally without getting in trouble? I'm just trying to get my name out there, thank you :)

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi Jaime,

You can bring your business cards by our shoppe anytime. My husband and I own and operate The Curiosity Shoppe at 529 S. 4th Street in Philadelphia. You can check out our info in the business section of this website.

Good luck with your business! What do you do??

H. MacLeod
Artist Coordinator (and mom to 7 month old boy)
The Curiosity Shoppe
529 S.4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

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answers from Philadelphia on

I didn't realize that there was a legal problem with leaving business cards. But I always ask the first time I leave my flyers or cards as a courtesy to the owner. I would rather them tell me no then to throw my stuff away when I leave.



answers from Philadelphia on

You're welcome to the couple of womens' networking groups I'm in!!

One meets just twice a month, one Weds. morning a month and one Weds. evening a month. It's free, and there are always great speakers - sometimes more relevant to my business than others...

The second one you have a choice to join or not, and some events are free - the events you pay for are at a reduced rate for members, but are very affordable either way.

Not sure if you're local to the Doylestown area, as that's where the networking groups are, but if so, you can put out flyers/business cards at the UPS store, and several of the local supermarkets have bulletin boards. Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

How about contacting your local Chamber of Commerce and ask them? The Better Business Bureau in your area may also have info. And check out the Small Business Administration's website (www.sba.gov) to find the local offices in your area. They even have women's business centers in a lot of places and the SBA's services are FREE! The SBA can give you lots of helpful advice about your small business.

If you have a Panera Bread or Starbucks in your area, they have bulletin boards for community use (I'd ask them first). Ask other business owners for a card swap...if they'll let you post your card in their shop, tell them you'll post a thank you with their business info in your newsletter/website/myspace/etc. You can build up supportive business contacts that way.

Finally, you may also want to pay $15 for those magnetic car signs or get customized stickers for your car's rear window. Just Google car signs or magnetic car signs. It's likely more people will see your car than you card. Good luck!

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