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Updated on January 10, 2008
J.L. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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I am new to the area and have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 6 mo old both boys. The oldest loves animals ( we went to the wildlife world zoo for wild winter nights) and we are having some family come in from out of town. We had thought about going to the phoenix zoo, however after the family is paying for their flights i don't want to make them pay for a full day at the zoo when we might only get in a few hours! ( me and my husband plan to get a season pass)
Does anyone have any places in mind that are good for 2 yr olds? I was thinking of taking him horseback riding (it would most likely be a pony ride) or something out doors.. I don't mind spending some money just not a lot!
any ideas would be appreciated! ( we live in NE phoenix)

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So What Happened?

well, we went to DEsert Ridge Marketplace,a local park and the mall for indoor play area fun!! Thanks for all your comments! We plan to go to Rawhide very soon!

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I have a two year old and we love to go to Encanto Park. They are located on approximately 15th Avenue and Encanto Avenue - kind of located near the downtown area but just slightly west. Website is Enchantedisland.com. They have a picnic area. Lots of ducks, geese etc so save your old bread. They have a small amusement park with train, merry go round and a few other rides that my two year old loves. Admission is free - you only pay for the rides you want. We actually did her birthday there this past year.

Another fun place is Rawhide. They are located in the east valley off of I-10. Website is Rawhide.com. Again, admission is free and you only pay for what you want. It is a western themed park. It is like walking down the street in an old western town. They have shops, pony rides, train ride, camel rides and a petting zoo. They also have a band that plays and the kids can get on stage and play pretend instruments. Again, my daughter just loved it.

Also, most of the malls have indoor playlands. There is also the Stillman Railroad Park located in Scottsdale. I am not sure of the location or web address but a google search should help you.

I hope this helps and have fun.




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McCormick Railroad Park in Scottsdale (Indian Bend and Scottsdale Rd.) is great. They have lots of picnic areas, swings and slides, etc. that are all free. They also have a cute train to ride and a carousel; they are $1/adult with small kids free.



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Hi J.,

I know this was posted awhile ago, but thought I would pass on some suggestions. Being a SAHM to a 14-month old I am always looking for great places to go to. We love the Zoo because now they have a little water area for the kids to play in, which is tons of fun. But we have also found a place called the Tempe Beach Park, they do have a website, it is a pretty large water play area for all ages. The nice thing is the water is only about 1 in deep throughout the entire area. So it is perfect for a child that sits all the way to the children that ride down the mini slides. Also, a plus if you are looking to meet other moms, it is always pretty busy when we go!! '
I really hope this information helped you out!



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There is this AMAZING PARK just west of the 101 and Thunderbird. (I know this seems a long way, but it is likely worth the drive). The name of the park is RIO VISTA. You turn north on Rio Vista from Thunderbird and go straight in. Best of all it's free!



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We love the Phoenix Zoo it's really great! You might want to consider signing up for an annual pass now (if you were already planning to) because they give 2 free guest tickets when you buy the family pass. That way your friends will get a free day at the Zoo and your family will be able to enjoy it all year long.



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Imagination Avenue would be perfect for you. :) Check out the website: www.imaginationavenue.us

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