Where to Get Replacement Lego Parts?

Updated on October 20, 2016
S.E. asks from New York, NY
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My kids love Legos, they also love losing very small pieces to their Lego sets which break their hearts. Does anyone know a good place or way to get replacements parts for Lego sets?

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answers from San Diego on

You can get replacement parts directly from Lego. It's especially helpful if it's a specialized part. You can buy big lots on ebay all the time and some people will even sell individual pieces, especially if it's a specialized part. If you have a Lego store near you they sell loose Legos in bulk.
Another thing to remember is you don't need to only build what the set comes as. When we get Lego sets the kids follow the instructions and build it as is but after that it all goes into the big dump bin of Legos and from there they build whatever their imagination comes up with. We keep the instructions and every once in a while they will go back and remake whatever it was sold as. There have only been a couple of sets that they put together and left. Those are the more expensive and elaborate ones that are more like a model kit. It took my son days to finish the big AT-AT from Star Wars. It sits on his shelf just like a model kit would.

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answers from New York on

Lego site, scroll down to bottom of screen, "Replacement Parts".

ETA: A holiday trip to the Rockefeller Center Lego store might be fun too.

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answers from Washington DC on


lots of places sell LEGO parts. I would have them store their LEGOs in a covered box. that's what we did. we also taught the boys that if they didn't take care of their toys, they wouldn't be able to play with them all the time. They need to learn consequences for actions.

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answers from Evansville on

I second the Lego store. But wanted to also when kids wee young they had to sit at the table and build those things on a jelly roll pan (cookie sheet with sides) it helped corral the pieces. When they were older and just built their own creations they had a big storage bin with lid about 7 inches deep on wheels that slid out from under the bed.

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answers from Washington DC on

We've gotten them from Lego.com.

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answers from Reno on

Hi there,
We go through lego.com and have had great results.
Many blessings

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answers from Norfolk on

The Lego store or Lego.com can help.
So can this place:


Once I bought a bag of random Legos by the pound (got 5 lbs) from eBay.
We had so much fun sorting through all the pieces - they really had a bit of just about everything in there.
If you're into Legos - you're going to have them coming out of your ears for years.
Find a way to sort/store/contain them.
We like zip lock bags (by color/shape/size/etc) and plastic storage containers.
The original boxes are too much to hold onto but we organize the instruction books in their own large bag which also goes into the storage container.

One way to keep things from getting lost is to lay down a sheet on the floor before the kids start building.
After they are finished - gather up the sheet and use ziplock bags to contain the leftovers.
Have fun!

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answers from Boston on

Many malls have a Lego store, and the various blocks are sorted and displayed by size, color and so on.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Most of the pieces are used in many sets. The Lego store has a wall with various shapes and sizes and you can fill a container and pay by size of container.

Now if you are missing Darth Vader or a specific person, that is more expensive. There are some knock off lego brands you can order on amazon with the phony figures.

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answers from Portland on

Bricks and Minifigs: we have a store here, and love it. It's used Legos, I don't know if they have an online store, but look and see if there is a location near you. Or contact them about ordering some items via mail. I'm seriously loving these guys; they offer classes for Lego-loving kids (Lego stop motion was a huge hit with our son) and my kid can find replacement pieces fairly easily. They do have a good knowledge of their stock and specialty pieces as well.


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answers from Washington DC on

the lego store?



answers from Anchorage on

You can order them directly from the lego company online, we just did so recently when my son wanted additional tracks for his mining cart.



answers from Oklahoma City on



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