Where to Get Dye Free Candy

Updated on August 23, 2010
R.P. asks from Hollister, CA
6 answers

I have a child with adhd, he is a changed child after we removed red dye from his diet. But with halloween comming up I have to find something to replace all the treats that the children are giving at school, and other parties. Does anyone know where i can order some RED DYE FREE candy?

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answers from Phoenix on

Try Sprouts. They have "healthier" candy. =)

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answers from Las Vegas on

Can you sub for fruit and homemade cakes or cakes from healthy Whole foods or Trader's type stores? Do they carry candy? It should be dye free.

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answers from Dallas on

The brand Yummy Earth is really good! I know Sprouts carries them for sure. Trader Joes, World Market and Whole Foods all carry dye free candy. Glee Gum is sold at those places, it's a really great dye free gum! Good luck!!

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answers from Fresno on

I have an aunt who makes candy - there are many different recipes out there, and you can get candy molds from Williams-Sonoma, Sur la Table and others. Just a thought!



answers from Salinas on

My daughter can not have red dye either and we make our candy canes with beet juice for color around christmas and for halloween we stick to chocolate. I have found organic fruit snacks at nob hill that taste just like jelly beans too. I would think that whole food or trader joes would have something. I have not look there yet there are both over a hour away from home. Good luck. all the holidays Valentines is the hardest for my daughter everything is red or pink.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Pretty sure that red dye is banned in Europe. I wonder if you could order some candy from overseas? Just a thought

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