Where to Find Diaper Covers

Updated on February 11, 2012
R.P. asks from Lake Stevens, WA
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My little girl(14months) isn't walking yet she crawls everywhere and I have a bunch of cute skirts I want to put her in this spring and summer but I really don't like of diapers hanging out. I would like to purchase a couple covers but I haven't found any in my area stores(Target, Walmart, etc.) Is there anywhere I could be looking online or idea where I can pick some up?

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answers from Chicago on

Here is a link to some on amazon. But I know I bought some white cotton ones at walmart when my daughter was a baby. They were called "rhumba pants" and they were by the infant socks/tights. But that was 6 years ago.


You could also check out etsy.com and search for "infant bloomers" or "ruffle butts" as I used to call them as a child. Hope you find something you like.

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answers from Washington DC on

Consider getting reusable swim diapers. 1. They're cute and 2. They do double duty later in the summer for swimming. One Step Ahead is a good resource. Their swimmies lasted several seasons.

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answers from Appleton on

You can pick up some toddler girl panties and use them as a diaper cover. When she is potty trained they should fit her without the diaper.


answers from Dallas on

Do you have a kid to kid in your area? They have them. Also, check out etsy.com. Tons of homemade adorable things.



answers from Kansas City on

also check out ebay they have some super-cute ones you can personalize.

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