Where to Find Cute Maternity Clothes

Updated on April 02, 2012
A.D. asks from Key West, FL
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i have a few weddings and trips this summer and need some cute maternity clothes! it would be awesome if i had a Forever 21 by me that had their maternity line, but alas there are none here that do. where did you find your favorite maternity clothes that you actually felt GOOD in?

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So What Happened?

thanks everyone! this is my third pregnancy and i thought i was completely done after my second was born. all of my maternity clothes got passed along to others. i will definitely be checking out TJ Maxx and Ross. japanese weekend stuff is adorable but i can't justify spending 95 bucks for a pair of pants that will only get worn for a few months haha

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answers from Tulsa on

Depends on how much you want to spend! I'm cheap, and didn't want to shell out a bunch for clothes I'd only wear for a few months. I got lots of cute things from Target and Old Navy.

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answers from Dallas on

My favorites were from Japanese Weekend. Beautiful and comfortable!

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answers from Spartanburg on

You don't mention how many months along you are, in any case I can tell you that the clothes i felt more feminine in were NOT materity clothes. I chose empire-cut (or maybe empress-cut? Not sure how you say it) tops or dresses, in versatile fabrics such as viscose (all natural) and elastam (to give them that stretch quality). They would hug my curves without squeezing me (didn't want to look like a huge sausage). The empress cut tops would emphasize my breast (always a pro, right?) but it would gently hide the bump, a good pair of cigarette-cut pants (which were maternity clothing infact they had the elastic belly band) would elongate my figure. Also a good pencil skirt would work. I think you can find "regular" tops and pair them with maternity bottoms very easily with all the modern fabrics out there. Always wear wedge heeled shoes and great jewellery and you'll look fab!

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answers from San Francisco on

I liked A Pea in the Pod. They have brands you've heard of, but the maternity version. :) You can always supplement with t-shirts from less expensive places (like Target). If you're tall, check out LongTallSally.com. They have maternity stuff for women with inseams up to 38".

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answers from Milwaukee on

My fave place was Gap but I did find some cute pieces at Old Navy and Target. If you have a Mimi Maternity check that out as well.



answers from Seattle on

Target actually has some really cute maternity clothes! As does old navy. Gap was my favorite, and I too love Japanese weekend. There's a cute little specialty store here in Seattle called village maternity that had some pretty cute stuff, if you have something similar or if they have a website. I too bought a lot secondhand at kids consignment shops there's usually a maternity section. That way you can get cute, normally expensive stuff for much cheaper! Sometimes stores like Marshall's, TJ maxx, and Ross have maternity too.


answers from Dallas on

The maternity store in the mall for cute shorts and the comfiest tshirts ever, also clearance tops.
I bought a lot of clothes at thrift stores and childrens second hand stores.



answers from Washington DC on

With my last pregnancy ordered a lot of my clothes from Old Navy.com they had a lot of comfortable tops and bottoms, their dresses were ok too. I had a Christmas party to attend with my husband and was not happy with the plain Jane dress that i ordered so i went to Ross and found a dress that was not maternity and was just a size larger and wore that to the party and it worked out...you don't want to pay a lot of money for maternity clothes...Motherhood has a lot of nice clothes but your will pay for them! Its good to get shorts, and jeans from there. their dresses are nice also.



answers from New York on

I agree with Patty. I bought normal clothes with Empire waists. I never wore them until I was pregnant because I always found that cut made me look pregnant!

I also stocked up on chunky sweaters because I was pregnant in the winter.

Destination Maternity has some decent maternity clothes but you also might want to check out consignment shops.

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