Where to Find Appropriate Teacher Clothes for Cheap

Updated on July 30, 2010
C.M. asks from Denton, TX
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I will be an assistant teacher at a preschool in September and I need some new clothes! Right now my wardrobe consists of faded capris, t-shirts, and one pair of flip flops....most about 5 + years old. So, I will be starting from scratch and need to get the most for my money. I am also slightly fashion challenged so I have no idea where to go for cute clothes (that won't cost a fortune).

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answers from Chicago on

thrift stores. You can get great stuff and often times it is new. My favorite stores are the salvation army stores (target donates to these stores at the end of each season so lots of new stuff still with tags) my moms favorite is the good will industry stores. of all thrift stores I have found st. vincent depaul stores to be the most expensive. but you could put a wardrobe together to get you through the year for probably less than a hundred bucks. and if you do mix and match and laying you will cover all the seasons. good luck.

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answers from Erie on

We have a chain consignment store for ladies clothes that i just discovered and it is AWESOME.

From your post, Ann Taylor is probably way out of budget. Target, or Kohls ( but generallyit's better if you have their store credit card and get in on the big deals that way)

I would say you need 3 pairs of Kakhi colored pants, and 3 pairs of black, navy, or brown.
And then 5 tops that you can mix and match with the bottoms, if you have a lavendar shirt you can wear it with the kakhi or the black.
I would stick with solid T shirts that have a fancier neckline, and long sleeve T type shirts. Because you'll be busy and it will probably be hot.
you can dress up the Tshirt with 2 beaded or chain necklaces. if the kids don't grab at you.
I would get a pair of black and a pair of brown loafer/athletic skeetcher ish shoes instead of sneakers just because i think it looks a little more professional, but if hte teachers wear sneaks then anything goes.

I would say you could get the T's for $7 apiece x5 around $35 and the pants for $15x4 around $60 and then $20 each for 2 shoes = $40 so under $150 for a weeks wardrobe.

Oh and when picking colors decide on 2 basic colors you look best in and build on that. so if you have red hair you might look good in a moss green and dark brown or something, If you are blonde, navy blue and pink, what ever usually you sort of know which colors to avoid, but if you really focus on getting 2 good colors for yourself you'll be all set.

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answers from Dallas on

I substitute teach. I do not wear my "best" clothing because I am often engaging the children and sometimes that means i get right down on the floor with them.

I have wear cute capris, tops, and supportive shoes. I like Ann Taylor and you can get good quality clothing there and not break the bank.

As for shoes, I might wear my sandals or tennis shoes, depending on the grade level I am teaching that day.

A lot of the assistants at our school are more casually dressed (no jeans) because they work directly with special needs and have to participate in PE and music activities, etc. Most wear a good pair of casual tennis shoes because you have you keep a hand on some of the children because they run.

Some teachers do buy from Kohls and Steinmart as well.

Enjoy your new job.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm liking Old Navy this year and Target has great staple clothes.

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answers from Reno on

Ok important to consider before buying clothes. You will be spending a lot of time on the floor, being touched by sticky hands , etc. so buy only stuff that wears well and washes easily.
I would suggest a few pairs of pants ( one tan and one black and maybe a nice color), some golf shirts or cotton shirts with a cute detailing, and nice flats. That way you look put together, but not over dressed or wearing anything that will be ruined. Some nice tailored button up shirts for when it gets cooler and a nice pair of dark wash jeans and that should do it.
Oh and you really really don't want skirts. I promise :)
I'd say Old Navy or Kohls would be a good place to start:)
Good luck

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answers from Spokane on

Old navy and Target!

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answers from Kansas City on

i love old navy's sales, and Kohls. I believe Kohls is having a big clearance event this weekend.

you can also always try your local freecycle. www.freecycle.org

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answers from New York on

Unfortunately, you really need to shop arround. Also, as a preschool teacher, the changes of your clothes getting damaged are quite high. Stick with casual items (no jeans or classic t-shirts).

Kohl's can be a little pricy, but they always have good sales and be sure to check out their clearance racks for good deals. Most of their clothes are good quality.

Sears - a lot of the clothes can be more "old lady" like, but they do have a lot of "cute" items, you just need to do some searching.

Old Navy - you can probably find some cute tops. My daughter likes some of the tanks and T's for layering. But be careful most of their stufff is not good quality.

Don't forget to get yourself a good quality pair of flat shoes. Make sure they have good support. This is one area where you'll want to invest a little extra. Be sure to choose a pair that goes with everything.

Have fun shopping!

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