Where to Donate Breast Pump and Other Medical Supplies?

Updated on May 18, 2009
A.N. asks from Oakland, CA
4 answers

I have a ton of unopened, sterilized medical supplies as well as unused breast pumping supplies that I would love to donate, as oppose to throwing away. Do you know of any place I can donate them?

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You can call Children's Hospital NICU and ask them, if you're in the East Bay. If on the Peninsula, call Lucille Salter Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford. Either one will either LOVE the donation or tell you someplace that will do so even more...


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I am interested in the breast pump. I know you would like to donate them, I could really use it when we have our baby in August. I have been really considering breast feeding but did not know how i would continue after i go back to work, and due to financial reasons thought that we may not be able to afford to buy and electric pump.

So if you havent already decided on where to donate it I would like it.

Thank you.



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Hi either here! or freecycle.org -put birthing supplies or check with a local midwife-L



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I donated mine to the family resouce center in the Dublin/San Ramon area. They provide counseling to pregnant women and provide resouces for young and in need families.

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