Where to Buy the Cheapest Organic Milk

Updated on October 10, 2008
M.K. asks from Lombard, IL
4 answers

I want to switch my son to organic milk, but it is sooo expensive. He can go through about 1.5 gallons a week.
I was at Whole Foods and their 365 brand was not much more than Deans milk, but I was at Jewel today and the organic was $6.50 a gallon. Yes it is a small price to pay for something good for my son, but I was wondering if there is a cheaper place to buy it since I don't shop at Whole Foods often. Is one brand cheaper than the other? Not going to be to pickey on the brand just looking for something cheaper.

Thanks in advance!

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I had looked into this a while back and have been buying milk that doesn't have artificial hormones added, but they aren't organic...the Meijer's brand, Prairie Farm (Caputo's and Target) and the Costco brand. I also just read on-line that the Wal Mart brand is free from the hormones too.



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I woudl like to warn you I have bought organic milk twice from Meijer adn both times it was BAD! So be careful!!

I get our milk with an organic fruit and veggie delivery from www.tcforganics.net. I have found them to be reasonable (About the same as anywhere and it comes in glass!)

I also love it because I don't have to lug my kids to the store which helps alot!!



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I hear that Meijers is cheap if you live near one (I don't.) Target (the ones that have a grocery section) usually has a good price, but all their organic brands are ultrapasteurized (my kids won't drink ultrapasteurized milk.) And I noticed that one of the discount grocers - Ultra Foods maybe? - had organic gallons in their last sales flyer, which surprised me to see. So maybe there will be some competition in the organic area - would be nice.

Jewel definitely has the highest prices on milk, unless they are having a sale. We used to buy Oberweiss, but we go through so much milk (2 boys - about a gallon every 2 days) and it's hard to keep hunting down the good deals and in the brands they will drink. Mostly I buy the brands without artificial hormones lately (costco, dean foods) and hope for the best. But you're right to buy organic - they say it's one of the most important products to buy organic if you can.



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Check Trader Joe's and see what their prices are. Some things there are actually cheaper than the regular grocery stores.

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