Where to Buy Suits for a 13 Year Old Girl?

Updated on October 02, 2012
Y.C. asks from Orlando, FL
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My daughter needs a suit for debate, she is about 4'10. Not sure where to go that is also not too expensive.
Have any of you buy one or have sen one lately?
I live in Orlando.

Kiki: we are not sure but we last time we went all the girls were wearing either formal skirt or pants on black or blue.

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So What Happened?

Thank you ladies, we found one on the women section on a xs size, is a jacket with a skirt...we only forgot to get the stockings.

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answers from Washington DC on

Has she tried Ann Taylor Loft? I'm short and I've gotten suits there. http://www.loft.com/loft/cat/LOFT-Petite/LOFT-Petite-Suit...

Looks like some of their suit pieces are on sale right now.

But bear in mind that not all petites are created equal. Sometimes I still have to hem pants, but the Loft pants are worth it. If you don't want to fuss with that, then get her a skirt. Separates can be used later for other things, so consider it an overall investment. It's not just for debate.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm 4'11", and buy suits in the petite department at Dillard's or Macy's. Sometimes I will buy skirts and jackets separately at Ann Taylor Loft; they also carry petites, and their clothes fit me well.

Good luck to your daughter!

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answers from Green Bay on

I would try a store with a "Petite" department.

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answers from Chicago on

You can get suits at Target. Just go to the Misses Dept and look for a petite. They are separates, so she can do pants or skirt and matching jacket. Also, try semi-department stores like H&M or Steinmart. They will be much cheaper than regular department stores.

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answers from New York on

Macy's is having a BIG sale this coming weekend. You could probably get a very reasonable suit in the petite section for her. I would suggest doing a black or navy suit so that she can wear the pieces separately later (black skirt or pants with a sweater... jeans and a button down with the blazer).

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answers from San Francisco on

Petite section at Macy's, JC Penney, Dillard's, Ann Taylor, etc.
Sometimes H & M has cute blazer type jackets you can pair with simple pants or a skirt, and their prices are really good. Can you ask some other moms on the debate team where they have shopped?

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answers from Oklahoma City on

The way sizing works is like this:

A girls medium is usually size 8-10.

Girls large is a 12-14

Girls extra large, also called a preteen, is a 16.

A women's extra small and sometimes a woman's small is the SAME size around as a girls large.

A woman's medium is the same size around as a girls large.

And most of the time a girls pre-teen is the same as a medium or a large in a women's size.

They do this so you can have a little girl look a lot longer than before. A girls pre-teen is going to be smaller in the armholes, not have low cut fronts to show off cleavage, and basically be more young looking.

Where a women's outfit will have a sexier lower cut, larger holes around the arms, it will often have darts or shaping for the larger bustline, and if it's a swimsuit, leo, or underwear it will almost always have the thigh high cut around the groin area.

My granddaughter wears a 7-8 size bottom and can wear a gilrs 8-10 top. She can also fit almost all women's extra small in shorts, tops, and anything that doesn't have a lot of shape to it. She can wear a ladies leo, ladies basic tees, a ladies jacket, etc....the only place it's going to be a bit baggie is if it is supposed to be fitted around the hiney.

Her show team leo is a ladies small and I only took the strap up abut 1/2" and took a tiny seam from the natural waist down towards the hip joint to narrow the bottom a bit.

So look in the ladies shops for her suit. You will find some appropriate things if you look long enough. It might be hard but she could always wear something that is less structured and more her style.

Here's what I got when I googled girls interview suits.



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answers from Washington DC on

A petite department of a major store. I tend to go to Nordstrom and Talbots for work clothes, (I am 5'4" which is a tall petite) but I think lots of stores offer them. LLBean and JCrew have petites - you could get her a kacki skirt or slacks with a cardigan set if a suit is too pricy. Check JCP or Sears for petites. Now at her height she still may need some tailoring from a seamstress, but the overall porportions will be far better.

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answers from Houston on

At local thrift stores. She will outgrow it in three months and you can mix/match to fit and also buy more than one at a fraction of the cost.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I would check a Thrift Store, then hem it if I had to. I can't imagine she will get too much wear out of it to make it worth buying new.

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answers from Phoenix on

Can it be nice slacks & a cropped jacket?

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