Where to Buy Only a Fitted Sheet

Updated on November 09, 2012
T.D. asks from Aurora, IL
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I want to buy some extra fitted sheets. Where can I buy a single fitted sheet? All I seem to find are entire sheet sets. I have found a few single fitted sheets but they are super $$$.

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So What Happened?

Thank you. I just ordered some from Land's End. I have looked for months at all the stores in the linen department. Yes, Walmart had a single fitted sheet for sale but it was like paper. Bed, Bath and Beyond had a few but they were very high end. I just wanted some extra sheets and did know to look at all the traditional stores but never found separates.

Thanks for the help.

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answers from Norfolk on

Lands' End
They are pricey, but you can't beat their quality and I've never had problems with their sheets slipping off.
Every other brand I try, I don't know what it is but it's like the elastic just won't hold and it's annoying waking up with the fitted sheet all scrambled.

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answers from Victoria on

The fitted sheets I found were at Target. You can mix and match. They are about 7 or 11 dollars just for the fitted sheet. They also have seperate pillow cases or flat sheets. They are in a different spot than the sheet sets. Ours has them placed on the wall that seperates the linens from the toys!

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answers from Kansas City on

Target, Wal-Mart, etc.

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answers from San Antonio on

Walmart sells them. At least that's where I get mine. Somehow we always have issues with the fitted sheets, so we buy extras.

I would assume Target probably has them too.

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answers from Chicago on

Target, K-Mart, BBB, Meijer - they all have them in the bedding isle.



answers from New York on

Sears, Target, K Mart, Macy's, Bed bath and beyond or on line.


answers from Dallas on

Bed Bath and Body
TJ Maxx
Any department store with a linen department.



answers from Peoria on

Check the second hand stores.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I buy all our sheets at Walmart. I did buy some at Penney's to get the higher thread count but when I compared them to the Walmart sheets I couldn't tell them apart.

The higher thread count means that the sheets with higher ones have more material in them, there are more threads per inch. They last longer, tend to be softer feeling, and are much more sturdy.



answers from Dallas on

Try Tuesday Morning. If not, did you google it? I have a feeling amazon may have some recommendations for you too:)



answers from New York on

Target, Walmart, KMart, Sears, and JC Penny.

The quality of sheets sold this way is slightly higher than the sheets sold in a traditional set in the terms of having a high thread count which is why they cost more but they feel so incredibly good you may find it diffiucult to go back to a 180 thread count sheet.

I often get mine from Target.



answers from Chicago on

IKEA is our go-to place for sheets. The quality is good and the price is right!

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