Where to Buy MODEST Juniors Clothing?

Updated on December 06, 2011
J.K. asks from Kaysville, UT
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My 13-yr-old is VERY tall (about 5'7") and has LONG legs. She wears dresses to church each Sunday, but she is now down to one dress that fits. She is sick of it. I want to get her some new dresses, but everything I find is mid-thigh and/or tube, halter, or spaghetti top! I don't want my daughter showing off that much of her body! Plus, with her height, mid thigh would barely cover her rear. I have looked online at some of the "modest" dress stores, and they tend to be a little frumpy or just ugly. Does anyone know where I can buy trendy, cute, juniors dresses that cover more territory?

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answers from Dallas on

I like JC Penney. The junior section ahs great dresses and so does Sears. Perfect "Easter" type dresses on sale now.



answers from Cincinnati on

Try Modest Chicks at:


This is a new Etsy shop. The shop is for girls (sizes 7-16). However, depending on demand (how well the shop does), it may extend to plus size girls and teens.



answers from Dallas on

Im not sure where you live and how you feel about second hand clothing ..but have you considered thrift store shopping? My daughter is very thin and tall so I have a hard time finding jeans to fit her .There are many second hand stores you can find in your area .You can take her with you and hold the dress up to her and see if the length is going to cover her .
My daughter is still young so she is not bothered by the fact it is second hand .If we buy dresses for church we just have them dry cleaned before we wear them . Just an idea this way you are not spending a fortune and you have a huge variety to choose from .You can look on the internet to find thrift stores in your area .



answers from Dallas on

There are some precious options at www.christa-taylor.com You can look at the web site and borrow some of the layering techniques and apply them to current styles that can be found at any store. Also, take a look at Burlington Coat Factory. They have beautiful Sunday dresses that are very traditional and modest up to a size 16 in their girls' department. I hope that you and your daughter can have some fun shopping together!



answers from Omaha on

Try www.modbe.com My mom works for that company and they are all about modest clothing. They have some really cute stuff.



answers from New York on

www.koshercasual.com - Kosher Casual has a great range of modernly modest clothing for girls, teens and women.



answers from Atlanta on

check out http://www.michaela-noel.com/
very stylish but modest dresses for Juniors - appropriate for church and other events.



answers from Dallas on

Have you tried looking at Ross or Marshalls? They have quite a bit of selection.

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