Where to Buy Fresh Seafood

Updated on January 02, 2008
R.K. asks from Lewisville, TX
4 answers

My husband and I love seafood but it seems every time I cook it, it is fishy, not fresh tasting. Does anyone know of a good seafood market or grocery store with good seafood? I live in Highland Village but and willing to travel.

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answers from Dallas on

I never have issues at Whole Foods on Preston/Forest. They can even special order for you. I have gotten everything from our standyby, wild salmon, to oysters and clams in the shell. The only problem is they do not sell lobster but I am pretty sure there is a fish monger in Plano that does. Central Market has good variety but can be hit or miss for quality. Oh and be sure when you buy fish, you eat it within two days. You can freeze but it has an effect on the texrure/flavor.
Fish should NEVER taste fishy; a key to make sure it is OK is to smell the fish before you buy it--if it smells like the ocean (salty, crisp) it's good. If not, keep shopping. Keep in mind also, fishermen don't work on the weekend so fish sold on Sunday and Monday are not very fresh. Wild is always goinmg to have a better flavor too!
Wild salmon is not fresh until late spring so it will be previously flash frozen (for a while) whereever you buy it so you may even want to consider ordering online.
I'll add on later if I can think of anything else!
Edited to add: TJ's Seafood Market also on preston/Forest is supposed to be great too but I ahve heard it is a bit overpriced.
Seafood rocks!!!!




answers from Dallas on

Central Market! I'm not a fish fan myself, but my inlaws are Spanish and that is where we go to get any of their stuff!



answers from Birmingham on

Central Market in Southlake has great seafood. And I think there's a store called Market Street in Colleyville that has good seafood too.

Always rinse your purchase in cold water before you cook it too. That helps with smell.



answers from Dallas on

Central Market in Plano has a huge seafood section and has always been really fresh when I have bought from there.

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